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    Speaker pair under $6k

    The Revel F228Be is an excellent speaker and probably the best thing on the market if you can find it for that price. The used market has them for that price often. Where are you located? I have a pair of F228Be's that I want to replace with Studio2's. They are fantastic speakers but I have an...
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    First Watt J2 for Bi-Amping Revel or Dali Speakers?

    Just get a Purifi based amp and never look back
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    Is REL being more 'musical' than SVS a myth, or is there some real science behind this?

    Rel isn't dumb. Their target audience is just uninformed when it comes to audio and buys into their marketing nonsense. For what it's worth, their subwoofers aren't that bad even if they aren't the best. The HT subwoofers are a decent value for the money, and the higher end subwoofers are...
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    Any good active speakers that play LOUD?

    What's more is that when you compare the measurements of the 212HTR to the 215RT, JTR's flagship speaker that uses dual 15's, the dual 12" 212HTR actually gets louder than the 215RT from 80Hz on up. That speaks to the importance of optimizing a speaker design for efficiency over the bandwidth...
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    Any good active speakers that play LOUD?

    Consider investing in a pair of good subwoofers and spending the rest of the money on good speakers that were designed to be crossed over with subwoofers. JTR makes great speakers that get very loud. The 212HTR is excellent for crossing over to subs...
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    Harbottle Audio Subwoofers?

    It also needs to be emphasized that harmonic distortion is not as important as it is made out to be for subwoofers. It is a linear form of distortion and mostly benign. Nonlinear distortions are more important to consider. Unfortunately that data is rarely measured or published.
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    Harbottle Audio Subwoofers?

    You're comparing a sealed sub to a ported sub. Yes, the ported sub has lower distortion at 105dB and 20Hz because it is tuned to that frequency and capable of more output. The Funk is being pushed past xmax at that drive level so it naturally distorts. One area where the ported sub will...
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    Harbottle Audio Subwoofers?

    What measurements don't show is how clean the subwoofers sound mechanically. There is no air leakage or strange noises that you can get from cheaply assembled subs. They are dead silent except for the clean sound they produce.
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    Harbottle Audio Subwoofers?

    Funk Audio offers the option to buy their subwoofers as passive units. They allow to customize basically anything. Testing the subwoofer with your own amplifier also allows you to measure the impedance and thermal limits of the driver. Data-bass seeks to gather as much data about the subwoofers...
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    Harbottle Audio Subwoofers?

    I'm not sure what you're mad about. They tested the sub with the built in amp first. Then they tested the sub as a passive unit with their own amplifier and listed the specs of the system being tested. There is more data to be gathered about a subwoofer when you use your own amplifier, so it is...
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    Harbottle Audio Subwoofers?

    That is because DB was testing the subwoofer with their own amplifier. I don't know if the Powersoft K10 can do 12,000 watts RMS or for how long if it can. I wouldn't be surprised if it can though. Powersoft amplifiers are some of the most powerful and efficient in pro audio. During the CEA...
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    F/S: Morrison Audio Model 19.1 with Model 29 tweeters - includes DBX PA2 active crossover - $3500

    I have a Revel system and a Genelec system. I am not replacing them with anything. I simply don't need so many speakers. I replaced the tweeters by contacting Morrison Audio and ordering new units and switching them out with the old ones. They are custom made so I had to go through them.
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    Harbottle Audio Subwoofers?

    That's peak power. It can only be sustained for a few milliseconds. RMS power is in the neighborhood of 9,000 watts, or 4500 watts per driver. Basically one beefed up Pascal module per voice coil and four voice coils total. That can only be sustained for a few seconds. These numbers are...
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    Harbottle Audio Subwoofers?

    I own Harbottle subwoofers and Funk Audio subwoofers. They are sister companies. In my opinion these companies represent the state of the art in home audio subwoofer design. I have owned subwoofers from SVS, Rythmik, Rel, JL Audio, Power Sound Audio, and JTR. I have heard just about everything...
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    Apollon Hypex NC2K Monoblock Amplifier Review

    Is this for home theater? For live sound you might have to worry about the amps overheating if they are being pushed to their limits for hours. For home theater it isn't really a concern. The amp is extremely efficient and doesn't put out a lot of heat.
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    Magico How to kill a 300,000 sale in the audiophile world

    If you buy the $300,000 speakers you will be so far away when you listen to them that your ears will probably be within a few degrees of tweeter level whether you're standing up or sitting down. It won't matter. I don't know what you're criticizing though. The poor vertical off-axis performance...
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