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    Smartphones will kill off DSLR's soon/

    Viewfinders and what not generally aren't about how good the shot is, it's whether you spot the shot and catch it at all
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    PC enthusiasts, sanity check my new PC please

    That leaves me the part of the guy who posts after the problem is fixed, suggesting something you've tried six times that didn't help
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    A Call For Humor!

    Maybe he looks that way to you, but that's not what I saw.
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    A Call For Humor!

    Why knot?
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    A Call For Humor!

    That dog certainly needs to go out and play, he looks awfully board
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    Can plants act as sound diffusers ?

    I don't have enough room in my apartment for sufficient plants to act as diffusers so I pay someone in South America to grow them for me. It's a low-frequency resonance capture credit.
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    Post pictures of anything, with comment...couple words.

    That museum is just filled with neat stuff.
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    CDs, Vinyl, or Cassettes

    I have piles of cassettes. There's no way I would buy a cassette. Even used it's not worth it.
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    CDs, Vinyl, or Cassettes

    It is complicated and hard to generalize. CD royalties are part of a contract signed usually before the music is recorded. For an artist / group's first three or four albums it is/was quite common that they'd get paid an advance and then get nothing at all from album sales. By the time an...
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    ZeroSurge 2R15W Surge Protector Review

    Fuses are overcurrent protection devices and do absolutely nothing for overvoltage conditions. I feel like this has been discussed in many threads. A fuse is to prevent stuff from catching fire if there's a fault downstream of the fuse that results in high current draw. It has nothing to do...
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    ZeroSurge 2R15W Surge Protector Review

    That reads like complete and utter nonsense. I haven't worked on a stadium but I would expect any large (or especially tall) facility to be primarily protected by an independent lightning protection network going straight to ground grid, and incoming power isolated with transformers and...
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    ZeroSurge 2R15W Surge Protector Review

    I understand Amir doesn't have the facility to test the surge suppression and this wouldn't be the forum for it anyway, but I'll note every serious-business industrial surge protection device I'm aware of is of the parallel type.
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    The Case Against OLED

    I'm not sure where in your examples the buyer falls who's primarily looking to get the OLED as a computer monitor. At that point even the 42" is irritatingly large. I did recently pick up an OLED laptop and am interested to see how it works out, my AMOLED tablet has been great.
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    Fan-less silent PC

    Macs are awful choices for servers. Their primary advantage is in ease of use in the UI, and for that you pay out the wazoo, and for a server that's irrelevant. The hardware itself isn't anything special and as Keith says above their recent trend of soldered RAM/SSD makes them considerably...
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    NAS for Music Servers

    Start your journey, John. Start. The finishing on the other hand...
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    Somehow scary??

    I don't get this. You can teach a human, eventually, to check for the daily scaffold inspection tag before use. Why is it so hard to get a robot to do it?
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    Fan-less silent PC

    If I was building a box specifically as a server, to store files I considered precious and couldn't just re-download from somewhere, I would want data protection, at least 2 drives mirrored. I doubt Roon needs high bandwidth so SATA SSDs are likely more than enough. For the boot / Roon drive...
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    Fan-less silent PC

    The best way to make a music server you don't hear is to put it in a different room. Fanless computers run hot, a necessity of physics. Heat kills hard drives. I have a few AliExpress fanless units, cheap, similar internals to a low-end laptop. As long as you're not actively gaming...
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    Science on low frequency quality?

    This is a website for perfectionists. You most likely can get pleasing sound with much less than the "average advice." That falls to taste, source material, whether you are a perfectionist, etc. Also, the "beginner package" for LF is headphones. You reduce the "room" to a controlled, much...
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    Hypex NCx500 Class D Amplifier Review

    To some people every ounce and every inch counts, especially depending on how you're getting back and forth from practice / gigging. For bass, most of the really hifi profiler rigs I've seen, to the extent they drive a cab at all, seem to use FRFR PA speakers with built in amplification and EQ...
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