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    Speaker survey

    Not sure how to add to the spreadsheet, so here it goes. Dynaudio Evoke 10. Satisfied. FWIW, I run them with a KEF KC62 sub.
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    Benchmark DAC3 B vs. iFi Zen Dac Signature

    Hi all, Would you deem a switch from an iFi Zen Dac Signature v.1 to a Benchmark DAC3 B to be a worthwhile upgrade? I have the opportunity to pick a slightly used one at a significant discount. For reference, I am feeding the iFi from a MacBook Pro running Audirvana, through a Primare i25 amp...
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    I've owned speakers by.....

    This is in a span of 43 years. Not that many, considering. Scott S176. My first system at age 13. Two way bookshelf speakers with 8” woofers. DIY 3-way with Radio Shack 12” woofers, Pyle Driver midranges and piezo tweeters. My father built the cabinets. Used them mostly for my DJ business (in...
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    IFi Zen Stream vs. MacBook Pro direct to DAC via USB

    I am not so concerned about convenience. The reason I asked the question is that I continue to read that computers are “noisy” devices and that the device generating the digital audio stream should be separate from all other computing functions. The streamer would be placed right next to the...
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    IFi Zen Stream vs. MacBook Pro direct to DAC via USB

    Hello to all. Long time reader, but this will be my first post. My digital front end consists of a MacBook Pro running Audirvana 3.5, which I use to stream Qobuz content to an iFi Zen DAC Signature via direct USB connection from the computer to the DAC. Amp is a Primare i25 integrated and...
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