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    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    Behringer Flow 8 Channels 1 and 2 supposedly have very low-noise ADC. It can also be used as a 4-output USB DAC with parametric EQ, delay and limiter.
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    Genelec 8020B repair

    To check if it's the fuse without disassembling it, you can disconnect all power (!), put the power switch to the ON position and check the resistance between the positive and negative power pins with a multimeter. If you get an infinite resistance (OL), the fuse is probably blown. If you get...
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    Integrating a turntable into a digital system

    Are you sure the digital out would output what the turntable is playing? I have the impression that it only routes from USB to SPDIF or OPTICAL and not from the phono line-in.
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    2.1, 3.1 or good soundbar with a sub for watching TV, setting up a new room help please.

    I would go even further and say: mono is better than stereo for dialogue. Just try to put your first speaker in front of your TV, disable the second one and see if you get better dialogue clarity than with the phantom center of your stereo pair. If not, just go back to your stereo pair and be...
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    Apple Announces Personalized Spatial Audio

    Related: Aural ID from Genelec: Making headphones like stereo? ;) I have tried to test Personalized Spatial Audio in the some iOS 16 beta but I could not get past scanning the right ear. Let's see if the release candidate released today improves things. The final version will be available on...
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    Genelec 8020B repair

    As there seems to be a good number of Genelec fans on this forum, I figured it would be the right place to document my repair attempt of some Genelec 8020B speaker. I recently got 2 speakers: one of them has a weak woofer/bass output and a lower overall volume. The previous owner informed me...
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    Tannoy System 600 Speaker Review

    I aligned the two graphs on the X and Y axis and generated an animated GIF. There is some correlation above 3 kHz but not much else: Outside of the crossover problem, has anybody an idea why the bass is dropping earlier on Amir's measurement? @amirm Would you like to measure or recap the...
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    PSI monitors

    Last time I checked these in a Swiss shop: From a completely untrained and subjective perspective: PSI Audio, Genelec and Neumann sounded mostly the same in stereo. Yamaha sounded wrong. Dynaudio sounded more fun (bright?). Most impressive for the price were JBL and IK Multimedia. The seller...
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    Tannoy System 600 Speaker Review

    This speaker was measured in March 2021 by Indy Acoustic Research in an article by Steve Temme from Listen, Inc. who wrote the "Simulated Free Field Measurements" paper with Christopher J. Struck (both AES members). They used the SoundCheck software from Listen, Inc. and an SCM measurement...
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    Which speaker would you like to be reviewed? (community interest thread)

    The patents are held by Paul Zwicky and Roger Schultheiss from Studer, so I guess it was way more than just a rebranding such as they did with the Beyerdynamic headphones. After the Motor-Columbus->Harman->Samsung turnover it's nice that they are still able to produce loudspeakers in...
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    Which speaker would you like to be reviewed? (community interest thread)

    Revox/Studer certainly made some fine studio loudspeakers but I would question whether their modern products are as good as the old ones. I have some Revox Plenum B (equivalent to the Studer 2706 monitor) which sound subjectively significantly better than the newer Revox evolution D-Piccolo and...
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