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    Ground Loop Issue/Question

    The easiest way to test is just run an extension cord to the TV and plug all the gear there to the same outlet as the stereo and if the hum goes away you have your answer. This would mean the 2 outlet s are on different phases and could be fixed for free by putting the breakers on the same...
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    Primary school homework

    Hey. Do you have a place where leftiest or a person says ,eschew all reading to children and hugging of said children. I would like to know who said that as I would like put them on my ignor list. Thanks
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    Primary school homework

    Hey. Can you post a link to that show episode so that we can hear it for ourselves? It would be good to listen to it before posting anything not knowing as to what they said. Thanks
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    David Cosby.

    Hey Now. Not sure what really to say other then another icon has passed. I am not a big fan of CSN but do appreciate their place in rock&roll. I did see them once open for Grateful Dead in Pittsburgh and they were great . The Dead not so much as they had a pretty bad show. With that said...
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    Buckeye 3 Channel Purifi Amp Review

    We know the other guy who got coal this year now.
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    Buckeye 3 Channel Purifi Amp Review

    We know who got coal this year. Next year will be better.
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    Any good active speakers that play LOUD?

    Just buy some Danely Sound Hyperion's . That's it your done.
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Don't known a thing about them. Just know that it's more then half price and its jbl. This maybe a good deal for Amir El Capitian
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    hey now, maybe someone could use this. more then half off.
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    NEWS: monolith amp with Hypex amplification!

    If you don't want to mess around to much just get a Jensen iso transformer. It's like 75 bucks but it will work and won't effect your internet. Most other solutions are a crap shoot.
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    Audio engineer is an art or science?

    Doesn't a musician have to have a technical understanding of their instruments to make it sound they way they want to or to play in a band . I think once they understand that they then could do whatever they want. I think a little of both for them too.
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    NEWS: monolith amp with Hypex amplification!

    actually looking at those pictures of the inside you could do something easy to see if its all the boards and not just one corrupting others. you could just disconnect the white clip from each board power input and only connect one at a time and move through them that way. one board somehow...
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    NEWS: monolith amp with Hypex amplification!

    if its a board problem it would need to be a ch2 problem on all boards since its 2nd ch is wired most likely to the even ch and ch1 to the odd. that would suck for them. that's a real problem.
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    HELP: Have amps on another circuit plugged into my Anthem AVM70 via XLR and causes hum on my subs

    Hello. There is a good chance that the circuit breaker that the amp for the rears is not on the same phase in your breaker box. In your breaker find the the two breakers the one for the main stereo and the one for the rear amp and then count from the top of the breaker panel first breaker is A...
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    Erin's Audio Corner YT channel is about to change...

    Hey . I went through it and the thing that helped most was just owning up to it if in fact it's your fault. Not saying it was or is just saying what helped me. With that said I found my current wife through a friend and it's been great . So I guess I'm saying look forward and good things will...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Hey. Not sure if this a good deal or not but Amazon has the kef ls50,s for 1299 they say retail is 1599 so 300 off. Just wanted to throw that out there.
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    Beer thread, what you drinkin..

    Again I can't say enough about this brewery.
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