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    Topping D90SE, playing on optical

    Did this seem to work out well?
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    Headphone Choices for Topping A90 Discrete

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! I pulled the trigger on the Aeon RT closed and from what I read, I will likely need to get some aftermarket pads down the road. I'm sure over time I will add to the collection including some nicer IEMs. The E-MU Teak and HIFIMANs do seem interesting as...
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    Topping A90 Discrete Review (Headphone Amp & Preamp)

    How big of an issue(s) are the problems you are running into? I was "THIS" close to purchasing a combo, but I'm now having second thoughts.
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    Headphone Choices for Topping A90 Discrete

    Hey everyone, my first post other than my intro. I think after taking some time to read many reviews, I have settled on my first stack/combo to be the Topping A90 Discrete with matching DAC (LE or SE). I liked that the amp has a better volume control. This will primarily be used with my...
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    Welcome New Members to ASR, introduce yourself here.

    Hey everyone, My name's Brian. I joined about a month ago, and I'm just now getting around to making my first post to introduce myself. I live in East Tennessee in the Tri-Cities area. Looking forward to participating in discussions and asking for equipment advice. I have no doubt that I...
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