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    Revel Tower or Bookshelf with sub?

    Revel makes other bookies with drivers larger than 5.25"... He doesn't have to switch to another brand.
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    Bowers and Wilkins MM1 speakers...

    The bass lacks a bit when the speakers are placed on desktop stands. When placed on my desktop, the bass is much more pronounced - though not entirely boomy or flabby. The overall sound just digs a bit deeper. No, it doesn't sound like I have a subwoofer, nor do I want a subwoofer at my...
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    Marantz Cinema 50 installed

    ...I value it all. If you don't like someone's "sighted listening report", then skip it, rather than telling someone "they don't belong"...
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    Marantz Cinema 50 installed

    FFS! I'm not the one saying it has to be one or the other. I literally prefer both measurements, and subjective opinions - whether from controlled or uncontrolled listening. I don't listen to my gear in an anechoic chamber. So reading or hearing why someone prefers one speaker/avr over another...
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    Marantz Cinema 50 installed

    If subjective opinions on sound quality don’t fit here, then why does Amir even bother with his “listening tests”?!? …You have the measurements. Go buy from the numbers…
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    Debating Denon 3800h, 4700h, and Onkyo RZ50...thoughts?

    Why bother having him explain his choice? “This is a scientific review site”, subjective head-to-head comparisons (opinions - basically “you like what like”) are demonstrably shunned as untrustworthy in this forum, because “someone else had a different experience”. Offering up his thoughts to...
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    Marantz "Cinema Series" "2022-2023" AV Launch Thread

    A $7,000 pre-amp? ....that's not a Cinema series AVR. ...or are you hoping that dac finds it's way into the Cinema 40, 50, 60, and 70?....
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    Which AV receiver Would you Recommend.

    Doesn’t sound like an old Pioneer is a “good modern AVR”…
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    Which AV receiver Would you Recommend.

    Hells yes to this. To me, after speakers, the biggest difference is 1) speaker placement, 2) room treatment. A good modern AVR isn’t the big crutch people suggest. Does anyone believe movie recordings are played back at a worse quality than music recordings? An AVR has to do a damn good job...
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    NAD T778 Audio/Video Receiver (AVR) Review

    So is this a good update, or bad update? LOL
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    Home Cinema Improvement - Atmos vs 2x Sub

    Sounds like you answered your own question...
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    Revel M106 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    AppleTV 4K for streaming. You can set up playlists in your Apple Music (lossless subscription) app on your computer, and the playlists will show-up on your iPhone and your AppleTV 4K music app.
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    Revel M106 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    I use a pair of M106 for our home theater/music listening space. Our space is a 14' w x 12' deep end of our finished basement. The ceiling is 8' high. The speakers are about 9ft apart, 18" from the front wall. We sit about 8.5 from the screen. We rarely push our volume over -70-75db. I'd say our...
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    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    This! 6 should be the minimum number of inputs if you want gamers to buy your product.
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    Marantz Cinema 50 installed

    They must be busy playing with those rigs... They haven't gotten back to us in quite a while... Especially the OP.
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    Why you need a center channel and to buy your movies

    Even if I was using a third M106, it would still apply. 80-90% of the front audio is coming out of one little speaker in the middle, rather than a large stereophonic field from two speakers separated by 8+ ft. That's the HUGE difference. And it doesn't go unnoticed...
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    Onkyo TX-RZ50 Review (Home Theater AVR)

    Integra DRX-3.4 - also comes with Dirac Live for $1,500. You can get it for $1,200 "scratch and dent" - which is usually minimal if anything is noticeable.
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    Speaker cable advice

    Monoprice in-wall wire is fantastic. Just order a big spool - throw some banana plugs on the ends if needed. Right angle banana plugs are great for the back of the AVR, stand mount speakers, and on-wall speakers.
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    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    Straw man argument. No one here is talking about an AVR with a SINAD measurement of 60. The arguments being made to validate the measurements are literally invalidating themselves. Perhaps they should be paying attention to point #8: From your link: 8. Please don't quote other...
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