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    TOPPING HS02 coming

    Most users will not need it but it could be a solution to get around earth loop issues. Another use could be to reduce the load on a computer by plugging in a 5V PSU into the USB C port. The RPI sometimes have problems supplying enough power for a small display, USB3 HDD and a DAC.
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    Huntsman wins battle with gecko

    Yes, in Australia we have "elve" amps instead of tube amps.
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    Warning: change your password please!

    I can recommend Bitwarden. I do not not have any experience 1password so I cannot comment. Bitwarden is open source and they have been independently audited. It works well on Windows, Android and Linux. There is an iOS version, again I have no experience with it. However you have to be...
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    Warning: change your password please!

    I was just highlighting the extremes. If you have a dozen or so accounts on one PC a sheet of paper locked in a drawer is good as any other solution. Just don't stick it to the monitor:)
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    Why so few BNC's used on digital gear?

    Most definitely. It caused a lot grief in my younger days. Once you push a 50Ω connector into a 75Ω female socket you spread the metal leaves so it no longer works properly with 75Ω connectors.
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    Warning: change your password please!

    There is no ideal solution. For some who make little use of the smart phone and do everything from a single PC a piece of paper is good enough. For me who has 3 Windows PCs, a Linux PC, a smart phone and 2 tablets combined with over 60 online passwords I use Bitwarden.
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    Would a WILLSENTON R300 (8w) output enough power for my Focal Aria 906 speakers?

    Why the modern fascination with single ended tube** amps. I have very little knowledge of tube amp design and I am quite happy to be corrected but wouldn't a push pull design offer better performance. For an 8-10 W amp what about an updated version of the original mullard design. I can't see...
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    Review and Measurements of WesionTEK Khadas Tone Board DAC

    I had a Khadas Tone Board with a RPI4 running Volumio. It sounded the same as any other DAC, what you expect these days. The only problem was a pop in the speakers. I had to remember to turn the RPi off and on last. Some DACs mute the output during power on/off e.g. the Topping D10B.
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    RPi 4b DAC HAT recommendation

    I have a couple of 4Bs, all with USB. I think USB DACs are the way to go. You can still use Camilla DSP.
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    How to 12v trigger three amplifiers?

    I use the Emotiva ET-3. It has 3 outputs and can be triggered by 5V. I wrote a *Post* about it some time ago. One of my criticisms was the price but I notice that has been reduced Emotiva web site
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    SMSL D400ES and SMSL D400Ex

    We deliver to the door, small packages of groceries to those who only listen to DSD1024 and PCM1536: Edit: missing a preposition.
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    Schiit Modi+ DAC Review

    Taking it further, where are the resistors, capacitors, diodes, DAC chips, op-amps, usb interface chips, clock chips, transistors, connectors etc made. The bars for Made in USA or the EU is set high.
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    EAC CIRC and C1 error

    I think C1 errors below 220 are considered correctable. A high C1 error rate may indicate the pressing was poor or the CD is degrading, but they should not result errors in the data stream.
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    Color catastrophe avoided

    Let's hear it for the terrible pun.
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    Schiit Modi+ DAC Review

    I take the risk; this has been discussed in other threads. I use a D10B with a RPI streamer. I do try and match the output of the DAC to the amp and speakers. If I could overdrive the amp by more than 3 or 4 dB, I would consider inline attenuators. I've had a couple of incidents when...
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    Schiit Modi+ DAC Review

    It seems to be good value, but I prefer my Topping D10B. Large display and balanced output for only $139 US.
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    Audio/Video distortion experiment: 1000x "I am sitting in a room"

    This predates Youtube. Years ago, I've heard a piece of atonal music** on the radio. The piece consisted of a human voice making a short statement that played endlessly from a speaker, to a microphone and then via a tape loop back to the speaker until it sounded like white noise. I have no...
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    Is 14 AWG good enough for speaker cable?

    I found this on the web after only a minute or two of searching, Wire and Cable. It tells you all you need to know. Here is the section on 14 AWG:
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    Allo Boss2 Review (Stereo Streamer)

    Allo would be struggling. Apart from the supply chain issues affecting most vendors, a lot of their products rely on the Raspberry Pi, which is very hard to get. In addition, they specialised in HAT style DACs; it's hard to compete against SOA USB DACs flooding the market. There are still...
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