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    Speaker wire

    Do not torture yourself over speaker cables. There is no special magic. Just go to the hardware store and get some 12 gauge wire in the length you desire and connect the speakers and enjoy the music. There are long threads here on ASR about Snake Oil. Wire is wire, and conducts electrons...
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    Pass Labs HPA-1 Headphone Amp Review

    Is everybody ignoring the $3600 of snake oil that comes with this ?
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    Working from the speakers backwards

    Drive or take Amtrak to SLC book a hotel room and listen to this line of speakers. Highly recommended and highly praised by professionals. Call ahead to set up an appointment. The 2 Ohm models are intriguing because many Class D amps...
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    Roger Waters...what the he##....?!?

    Seems that he has been micro-dosing Novichok.
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    Are McIntosh amplifiers worth it?

    They are overpriced and ugly. Sound wise they are okay but not exceptional.
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    Do all DACs sound the same?

    Pretty much, if very little subjective difference. Unless it is a poorly designed DAC. If you don't like the sound of your system, consider getting speakers that you like. Transducers have the largest influence on sound output. The effect of electronics is minuscule in comparison.
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    2 Ohm Speakers and Class D amplifiers

    Class D amplification is popular and tends to handle 2 Ohm speaker loads better than most A/B amps. Some amp manufacturers, such as Crown, spec their amps at 2 Ohms. Recently, innovative speaker designers (e.g. Tekton) are introducing high end speakers optimized for 2 Ohms. Many currently...
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    How do you find new music? - asking for a dinosaur friend...

    Every Friday I check reviews on:
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    Carver Raven 350 Review (Tube Amp)

    and Bob Carver is laughing all the way to the bank
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    Your Favorite Loudspeakers of all time whether you owned them or not

    EPI M1000 JSE Model 2 Infinite Slope ESS AMT-1 Tower Tekton Pendragon
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    Anyone read the latest from archimago's take on Stereophile editorial? Linked here:

    Skepticism encourages critical thinking. The world needs more of that. I did use an extreme example to make my point. However, I could use many other medical situations that do not involve life vs death outcomes in medicine. For example, questioning an orthopedic surgeon whether an operation...
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    Anyone read the latest from archimago's take on Stereophile editorial? Linked here:

    This discussion (Archimago, ASR, Stereophile) are all a reflection of the debates currently in Western Societies. That is, should we abandon facts and evidence? And replace it with religious belief and superstition? This argument is no longer limited to hifi. It appears in debates over politics...
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    Dynamic range compression / dialog enhancement solutions

    An inexpensive option is to try a product from Zvox. They seem to target the segment of consumers who are seeking clearer dialogue from their TV/home theater. "In 2012, responding to a growing crisis of incomprehensible TV dialogue, we introduced our...
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    Stereophile's snide editorial on ASR and Amir

    Stereophile magazine is what the corpse of audio journalism smells like. Long ago they recognized that readership/subscriptions was declining and revenue was mostly dependent upon advertising. The writers/reviewers became the slave to the advertisers. This trend only became more obvious over the...
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    Whatcha think about "pro" amps from Crown, QSC, etc?

    The pro class D amps like the Crown XLS 1002 make a compelling argument paired with the new Tekton Pendragon 2 Ohm speakers !
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    Which reference recording to judge a tweeter?

    The recordings that you are most familiar with.
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    Wired Echo Dot vs Chromecast Audio vs WiiM Mini Streamer??

    I feel your pain, although I don't completely agree. ASR is cost conscious, just read the reviews, ignore the trolls. Apple sells headphone adapters for use with USB-C or Lightning connector that includes a decent DAC for $9. Most of us have smartphones and tablets which can function as music...
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    Building a system on a budget

    Define "New" and "Vintage" There are many AV receivers from the last 20 years available second hand for under $50 with a remote. The benefits are: 1) they can be used for stereo or surround sound should you want to pursue that, later 2) most have decent DACs 3) they usually have a...
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    Sub in an apartment - what if I put it right next to me and turn it to lowest setting?

    Alternatively, for a down firing subwoofer you can make your own using a slab of granite or flooring tile and isolation pads / feet. Also anti-vibration feet for washing machines are useful...
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