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    Help me pick an endgame IEM

    I tried a couple. SpinFit CP145 are the safest choice. Super durable, comfortable, protect the annoying dust protector sticker nicely. Comply didn’t last very long because of the big nozzle. Moondrop Spring tips expose the nozzle a bit too much, but are comfortable, take a bit of fiddling to put...
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    Help me pick an endgame IEM

    Like others said, the Blessings punch way above their weight. Ignore the upgrade itch for a few months and enjoy them! The accessories suck, but add some SpinFits CP145 and a decent cable and you are not too far from the ThieAudio or Softears offerings. If I had to buy something now, I would...
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    Roon end point question

    You just add a new DSP preset and select it when playing at that endpoint. It will remember and keep it selected until you change it.
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    Apple HomePod (2nd Gen) (2023)

    The spatial audio on the AirPods Pro 2 is quite impressive for wireless IEMs if you have not tried it yet. So similarly DSP faked surround sound is what they refer to. I wouldn’t be surprised if it can compete with many cheap 5.1 systems. Not saying there is no hype.
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    Airpods Pro 2

    Crinacle has them measured and his Graph Comparison Tool page has an Equalizer tab. The Pro 2 have pretty much Harman bass IIRC, it even adjusts the fairly neutral target based on volume (shown in his YouTube video). You could try bumping the 100-200 Hz region by 3-5db to add some bass impact?
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    Moondrop Variations Alternatives

    I got the FiiO FF5 earbuds mostly out of curiosity and they are nice. I pretty much forget that I have them in. Obviously being earbuds no sub-bass, but still pleasant bass and fairly close to Harman to my ears. I prefer them over the Blessing 2 for most, especially female singer songwriter...
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    Very happy with my Netgate box. I use Netgear Orbi in bridge mode for WiFi without major issues, but would probably in hindsight also use Ubiquity access points for that. Allows you for example to put all your IOT devices on an isolated network.
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    Refreshing movies worth watching

    Another good Cage movie that surprisingly nobody posted here yet.
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    What are we listening to right now..

    RIP, Mimi. Edit: a few more videos linked by Pitchfork
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    Roon 2.0 Launched Today - Adds Mobile Listening

    You can only download your own files, not yet (?) from Qobuz.
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    Roon 2.0 Launched Today - Adds Mobile Listening

    In the ARC settings you can set the format for both WiFi and cellular. It’s a feature to save bandwidth.
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    Airpods Pro 2

    Since it’s so hard to find first impressions of those on the internet, here mine. Got my first batch v1 very recently replaced under their service program, so I have new ones for A/B testing. For v1, the tips never perfectly worked for me and all the commonly suggested third party ones were...
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    Roon 2.0 Launched Today - Adds Mobile Listening

    If you use a consumer router where the uPnP implementation is a security risk, I don’t think Roon is even close to be your main problem. Having said that, if you don’t have a good understanding of the security impact, it’s better to be paranoid and stay away.
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    Roon 2.0 Launched Today - Adds Mobile Listening

    Most Roon users already have their servers and endpoints running 24/7. It’s convenient to turn on your DAC and it immediately pops up in your Roon remote and you’re ready to go. Might not be the most energy efficient, but with an Intel NUC and Raspberry Pi’s it’s really not a big deal. And if...
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    mconnect HD vs Roon - A Brief Overview

    I think this mostly applies to terrible consumer routers with poor implementations. You can always manually allow your Roon Core‘s IP and port If you don‘t want upnp.
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    mconnect HD vs Roon - A Brief Overview Works flawlessly for me so far.
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    Moondrop Blessing 2 Review (IEM)

    They do fit, kind of. Work well for me. I posted a picture in this thread somewhere. Spinfits are nice though and probably a safer choice. Don’t think they make the Blessings much more comfortable when stock small is too big.
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    NAS for Music Servers

    Accidental deletion due to user error and malware are probably more likely these days. Raid I guess increases the former chances a bit. So @Berwhale ’s point is valid, it’s not a backup replacement with limited benefit at home. I personally still went with it because it’s relatively cheap and I...
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    NAS for Music Servers

    I don’t think they introduced the SSD equivalent yet in their Red line, right? That’s what the OP posted.
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