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    High Resolution Audio: Does It Matter?

    I will not argue that. Personally I would rather see a focus on better production and outcomes within the recording process than a focus on bit rate or sample rate of its replay. I have Redbook CDs that sound fantastic. Many others are just crap due to lousy recording sessions or engineering...
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    High Resolution Audio: Does It Matter?

    The limited number of Hi-Res files I have to listen to sound quite good on my modest system: Hypex Amps, Emotiva DACs, TinkerBoard with Volumio, DIY SEAS monitors, my CDs stored on NAS and streamed over Volumio. Part of that is that I suspect that particular care was taken in the recording...
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    ifi iPurifier3 USB Filter Review

    Like putting two gas filters in a car when you already have a sufficient one.
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    DIY RE-Cabinet

    There are many great DIY speaker building web sites and forums. A sense an addiction forming. Have fun!
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    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    These are not the most beautiful but are cool:
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    DIY RE-Cabinet

    Nice job on the MDF! After all that work, I'd be tempted to put other drivers in those babies than Pioneer! Are those a 3-way with side firing woofer? Surely there are some higher quality mid-basses out there whose parameters would fit the cubic foot volume of your boxes. Just a thought as...
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    ZeroSurge 2R15W Surge Protector Review

    About 30 years ago I lived in an older neighborhood with electric lines on poles. One of the big can transformers was up on the pole in the corner of my small yard. It blew one evening and sounded like a shotgun blast, if not louder. The Excel Energy guy had to climb the pole and replace it...
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    ZeroSurge 2R15W Surge Protector Review

    A non ee question: What are the odds of a power surge harming one's audio equipment if the equipment has fuses? Other than a lightening strike, for which my house is grounded, how would such a surge occur?
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    Rotel RB-1070 Amplifier Review

    I've always like the design aesthetics of most Rotel products. Good to see and old one perform decently on the bench.
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    Not trying to be arrogant here, but who listens to this?

    Yup, my point, be it beer, music, wine or women/men, we all have our different tastes. Most modern atonal music is not my thing, either, but like all things, you have to at least give it a try. And some tastes are acquired.
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    Hypex NCx500 Class D Amplifier Review

    I also see Hypex has this coming:
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    Hypex NCx500 Class D Amplifier Review

    Hypex amps are consistently superb! Can't wait until you test one of these:
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    Behringer MODs DCX Upgrade Review

    Yes some soldering, pretty easy for some, but also some de-soldering of some caps, and I believe dealing with SMDs. Not a simple plug and play for many.
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    $30K Budget - On the quest for my "end game" speaker

    Fun and long thread. I was thinking how about maybe getting a 10K speaker and putting 20K into Invidia stock?
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    Why so few BNC's used on digital gear?

    It never caught on, so has been pretty much left in the dust heap.
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    Behringer MODs DCX Upgrade Review

    For those with this unit, this is one of several mods that have existed, and is a good option if one wants to upgrade and has some DIY skill in electronics. On the other hand, I would have to agree with the contention that unless you are in the above situation, a MiniDSP flex blows away the...
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    SMSL D400ES DAC Review

    Price and features are all about what your want, need and are willing to pay. Having been an audio buff since the 1970s, I find it astounding what one can now purchase for less than $1,000. SMSL and Topping are putting out higher priced models, with slightly better performance, in order to...
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