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    Please Advise - Choosing between Elac DBR-62 and Polk Reserve A200

    The gospel...going up " step by step" is a recipe for waste... And the truth is: a good pair of budget bookshelf speakers ( like polk r200s or jbl 530s)and a decent sub or 2 is probably 90% of anything short of revel m106s or Philharmonic bmr type speakers anyway...
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    I like my quiet stereo

    Short answer: yes
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    SVS PB-1000 Pro or SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer for small room?

    The pb 1000 pro can be run sealed, a fact often overlooked....
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    New Philharmonic BMR HT Towers

    Once again Dennis gives us something to look at vs. The usual suspects... Amt tweeter and higher sensitivity than the bmr towers
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    Revel M106 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    i'm not saying they are the only "proper answer" to anyone's audio wants....that was a projected thought from your end... but most folks will prefer something very close to whatever measures close to neutral vs's a "macro"dynamic vs a "micro" dynamic ....
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    Revel M106 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    One of the silliest ideas ever is neutral speakers are boring...
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    Cat News?

    i'm guessing that you aren't the cats favorite hooman ....;)
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    Cat News?

    how about a year in prison? 30 days is nothing...
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    Celebrity RIP Thread

    the first "serious" female journalist.. i have to mis -use the word serious to get the point across .. she was the trailblazer , seems like it was because of sheer will...
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    Cat News?

    Keep the pets inside.. Cougars are nothing to mess with.. They kill people too
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    Cat News?

    My cats are smart too.. They trained themselves to be alarm clocks pre set to 3 am...
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    Cat News?

    Dogs are smart , i had a yellow lab that leaned how to fetch the morning paper in about 3 tries... After the 1 st week i literally only needed to say " paper" and open the back door... She'd run to the end of the driveway about 40 yrds away and bring back my paper, it was nice not having to put...
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    Cat News?

    Nothing against dog folks, but nope dogs aren't smarter, just easier to manipulate...:)
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    Polk Reserve R200: Spinorama and measurements (a really nice surprise!)

    "better" is subjective..objectively they probably have a few more positive traits, but it's gonna come down to your ears... the elacs are probably a bit easier on the ears, the polks probably have a slight edge in clarity.. ymmv
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    Full range floorstanders ~$4000 budget

    The diy kit for the bmr is only the monitor though,iirc... Still a big 3 way with ample bass....
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    Cat News?

    that is soooo cool...kitty be earning his treats....:):);) .. people say cats are just "dumb animals" ,i beg to differ....
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    they certainly have many similarities ... with decent eq they are probably close to identical...
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    Sounds like you made the best of a mediocre situation...the dsp solution is the obvious next step...a good avr would work as well , but of course will be costlier...
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    Gotcha, i think the higher end audyssey probably does..Btw, the svs subs can be adjusted to match speaker roll off( at least the pro series can)...
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