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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    You are correct. I misremembered the earlier Crutchfield price. And the free shipping/return from JBL/Harman gives it the edge.
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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    Same price Crutchfield has been offering for months as part of a long-running "special purchase" sale.
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    linkwitz lxmini

    Could it be that the general concept of the unique LXmini configuration is valid and that different drivers and crossover optimized by Klippel measurement could result in measurably and audibly improved performance?
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    Wharfedale Linton 85th Anniversary speaker review & measurements by Erin's Audio Corner

    In several reviews @amirm has remarked that a speaker has sounded better than he thought it would based strictly on its measurements. I don't believe it's yet been determined exactly what positive qualities have overcome less positive measurements to make the total listening experience better...
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    Tekton !

    One measurement where John Atkinson's testing showed Tekton to be well off spec is sensitivity:
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    Kali IN-5 Studio Monitor Review

    Right, when Kali introduced the all-new IN-5 as part of its 2nd wave line of speakers -- which also includes improved v2 versions of the IN-8, LP-6 and LP-8 -- there simply wasn't any 1st wave IN-5 to improve upon.
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    Kali IN-5 Studio Monitor Review

    It's complicated. :) The IN-8 came first. The IN-5 was introduced later with improvements over the IN-8. Those improvements were incorporated into the IN-8 and Kali rebranded it IN-8 2nd wave or v2. While the IN-5 might be considered the beginning of Kali's 2nd wave it still exists in its...
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    Klipsch RP-5000F II, RP-6000F II and RP-8000F II reviewed by Erin

    Losing sensitivity is not great news for those considering Klipsch speakers in search of higher sensitivity. Experience seems to be showing that modifying Klipsch crossovers or using EQ to tame ragged response ends up compromising sensitivity. Might as well also consider speakers with lower...
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    GR Research LGK 2.0 Speaker Review (A Joke)

    The failure of any speaker to measure up to marketing claims is guaranteed to generate some level of negative comments with the degree of negativism related to the historical credibility of the speaker's source. Dogged defense of any such underperforming speaker is only going to generate...
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    Bookshelf speakers vs studio monitors for just entertainment?

    James Larson's review of the Kali LP-8 is worth reading as it addresses the general subject of how active studio monitors can outperform similarly priced home audio speakers for home audio and home theater:
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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    Not sure when the next JBL/Harman sale will be for the Stage A1XX series but it's been on continuous sale for months at Crutchfield and remains on sale there today thanks to a "special purchase." Crutchfield is offering the $500 A190 for $300, the $400 A180 for $240 and the $300 A170 for $180...
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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    Would be interesting to see what performance improvement could be achieved at minimal cost to JBL by dipping into the Stage A1XX parts bin and adding a 5.25" driver from the A130/A170 to the A180/A190 as a dedicated midrange with the bass drivers crossed lower and the dome tweeter higher than...
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    GR Research LGK 2.0 Speaker Review (A Joke)

    This line from Danny to Amir could pretty much serve as the company motto or slogan for GR Research.
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    Does it make sense to keep this Sub ?

    JBL specifies the low frequency for the Stage A120P as 32 Hz. When JBL does not include a -X dB with a low frequency rating it's safe to assume it's most likely -10 dB, a number which is cited in many of their other speaker specs.
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    ideal characteristics for "background music" speakers

    One important element I've found when playing music quietly in the background is to dial in extra deep bass response. Deep bass helps create the illusion that the music is playing louder without the intrusiveness of louder mids. I like the feeling of getting a little extra tickle in the gut...
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    Look Inside JBL Studio 580

    ^ The 2414H-C is not used in any Studio 5 speaker. The 520C uses the same 2414H-1 as the 530 while the Studio 5 towers all use the 2414H driver. They all use a 1.5 kHz crossover point. JBL's new Studio 6 series uses higher crossover points ranging from 1.7 to 2.4 kHz depending on model.
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    JBL Studio 530 Speaker Review

    Defective binding post jumper bars. ;)
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    Rythmik L12 Subwoofer Review

    Changing sub crossover settings is generally so simple and quick that there's really no reason not to experiment at >80 Hz. It's not like it's going to create permanent damage of some kind. If it doesn't work for you in your space with your setup at worst you've simply wasted a few minutes that...
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    Revel M106 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    There is greater profitability in promoting premium priced speaker components even when those components may not produce noticeably improved audio performance.
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    I cannot trust the Harman speaker preference score

    I understand your concern about the semantics. By definition a belief in something can be based on sound reasoning as well as blind faith. In this instance my use of "believe in" is based on the former, not the latter. I hope this clarifies it for you.
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