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    FS: miniDSP DDRC-24 with Dirac Live [SOLD]

    This miniDSP DDRC-24 with Dirac Live was purchased in Oct 2021, and used once to try out in my system. Includes original box and accessories. Price: SOLD Payment Method: Paypal
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    S.M.S.L DA-9 vs AO200?

    I received and setup the AO200 yesterday in the master bedroom. Started playing it for some relaxation before sleeping. I need to report a problem though - I was still listening to it 3 hrs later..... Enjoying it very much!
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    Help me find my next AVR/Processor

    I'm using an older model 7702. Instead of continuing to wait for a new AVR with Dirac to become available I decided to jump in and get started with Dirac using MiniDSP. While I was in gear ordering mode, a new subwoofer dropped into my shopping cart! :p
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    Help me find my next AVR/Processor

    Over the last few years, the way the family and I use various A/V components in our entertainment room has changed significantly. My current setup for 2.2 and 5.2 listening isn't providing what I'm looking for any longer and so I'm on an adventure to do some upgrading - sound familiar? It used...
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    New Topping PA3s offering on the corner?

    I'm not sure this is an AO200 killer, but I wish it was since I'm enjoying quite a few Topping products. It's missing USB input, color display, EQ options, BT 5.0, sub output, internal PS.....
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    Initial Impressions of Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Open

    Please do share the detailed pictures and impressions after the first 30 days. I’m trying to decide between the open and closed versions.
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    Topping DX3 Pro+

    If it had usb-c and PEQ built in (like Qudelix-5k) I’d order it today. Instead I’ll wait for the review and still order it.
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    What to do.... want better. Need help badly

    Topping DX3Pro and spend the savings on more music.
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    Review and Measurements of Topping DX3Pro DAC and Headphone Amp

    Adding a bit of balance to this thread, I'm a very satisfied DX3Pro owner enjoying this product which is exceeding all of my expectations.
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