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    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    Thank you. I designed the speakers. The drivers are Satori TX 5" in 3 cardiode sections (frequency tapered). Tweeter is Satori Be in WG. Subs are Wavecor in closed cab. and eq. The loudspeakers are built by an audiophile cabinet maker. You might find the build thread if you google for "moelva...
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    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    My contribution (rear baffle contains rear tweeter, subs and Hypex 503):
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    Directiva r1 speaker build using Denovo flat pack

    Re. the SB passive radiator: Are there additional weight to the PR in this project ?
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    What's your DIY speaker 'ultimate design'?

    Our current "ultimate" DIY-design so far has been the "Bendit" curved line array w/ 8 x 10" SB shallows per unit, 20 x Fountec and RAAL. This is driven by 6 amps w/DSP. The Norwegian web-magazine made a review on them. We have made many DIY-designs from small two-ways to common line sources...
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