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  1. SKBubba

    WiiM Pro Streamer

    I was kidding. I see that all the time about spotify. Including speculation they secretly rolled out hifi without telling anyone because my dac shows 16/44.1!
  2. SKBubba

    WiiM Pro Streamer

    But, my dac shows spotify playing at 16/44.1, same as CD! Right? /snark
  3. SKBubba

    what are our thoughts on Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" (March 1973)?

    My main memory is that every hifi shop (remember those?), every turntable, every amp, and every speaker demo featured "Money."
  4. SKBubba

    Anything better then a Mac mini?

    No. (Unless you want to get better speakers.)
  5. SKBubba

    pc in suspension?

    Also google "connected standby" aka "modern standby".
  6. SKBubba

    How can I make this system better? Hegel h390 and focal Diablo utopia

    Plus crossing it over at 60-80hz takes some load off the amp, but I don't think the hegel has bass management? Anyway, my main speakers have 10" woofers and 12" radiators in the rear and I use a sub and it does sound better (with audyssey dynamic eq).
  7. SKBubba

    How can I make this system better? Hegel h390 and focal Diablo utopia

    You aren't losing much if anything. Low E on an electric bass is about 42hz. Kick drum is about 50-60hz. Subs are more for special effects in movies, or for bookshelf speakers with small drivers.
  8. SKBubba

    Suggest lesser-known good Sci-Fi films

    Close Encounters (not lesser known, but not mentioned?!) Starman
  9. SKBubba

    Purchase advice needed: AVR and stereo power amp

    Actually, they both do, and it's the best feature of Audyssey.
  10. SKBubba

    Testing Tidal MQA “masters” on HD800s / Fiio k9pro MQA dac/amp

    OP should start a Youtube channel.
  11. SKBubba

    If Bits are Bits

    What streaming service are you using? What streaming device/dac are you using? What streaming software? What streaming quality do you have it set to? Mobile, wifi, or wired ethernet? What CD player are you using? What is the signal path from each? What settings are used for each? What amp...
  12. SKBubba

    What lenses are you currently using?

    Nope. You are probably thinking about TC magnifying adapters. Never had much luck with them.
  13. SKBubba

    What lenses are you currently using?

    That's what I thought, too. Was really surprised that the first F lens I tried on the Z50 worked the same as on my D750. I wondered if the exra distance to the sensor focal plane would matter, but apparently not. AF and metering are pretty much identical.
  14. SKBubba

    What lenses are you currently using?

    My beloved F-mount 70-200 2.8 vr lens developed intermittent AFS motor failure. I sent it to Nikon for repair. The sent it back, saying they couldn't fix it because parts are no longer available. I'm also told by the used market that my awesome $5000 200-400 f4 vrs is now worth $700. I was...
  15. SKBubba

    Pass Labs HPA-1 Headphone Amp Review

    I rarely listen to headphones. But if I did, there's no way I'd pay more than the entire cost of my pretty good stereo/AV/speaker setup for inferior performance that only I can listen to.
  16. SKBubba

    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    I feel almost lucky that my X3300 started having troubles (probably heat-related) a couple of years ago and I couldn't get an X3700 so "settled" on an X3600 new in box with factory warranty for about $780. (Plus an AC Infinity fan to hopefully avoid future troubles.) I think I got one of the...
  17. SKBubba

    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    This was a serious question. Is it 1000 units? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000? Just curious about economies of scale for parts (like dacs) and tooling and licenses and whatnot.
  18. SKBubba

    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    How many of these things does Denon sell? This price increase seems a little excessive, especially with the regressions, but it still amazes me they can cram all this technology (and licenses) in one box for these prices.
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