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  1. JeffS7444

    Vintage HT help please

    That's definitely become a bit "vintage" in the sense of no HDMI, no support for newer audio formats and no room correction. OTOH, it's got a number settings which you can adjust manually. Starting on page 41 of the manual, why not try "CENTER MID XXX dB" setting at say +3 dB (season to taste)...
  2. JeffS7444

    Pics you’ve taken,

    Gunpla display at Don Quijote:
  3. JeffS7444

    Pics you’ve taken,

    H-Mart building, Honolulu Hawaii.
  4. JeffS7444

    Pics you’ve taken,

    Voggy (volcanic smoke + fog) Hawaiian sunset, January 2023.
  5. JeffS7444

    Passive pre, what potentiometer to use

    Could be as simple as this: Have tried cheapo ganged pots which actually had pretty decent tracking. Can't say that I've ever noticed a sonic difference between something like this, Goldpoint step attenuators built...
  6. JeffS7444

    The Case Against OLED

    I’m still waiting for display technology with sufficient dynamic range to replicate lighting from the deepest shadows to midday sun. But the USA has enough personal-injury lawsuits already.
  7. JeffS7444


    Experiences can be packaged, sold, and consumed just like material goods. That isn’t an inherently bad thing per se, but I try to avoid thoughtless consumption. And that includes knowing when to switch off the endless playlist that is streaming media.
  8. JeffS7444

    Vacuum Record Cleaners

    I used to own a Nitty Gritty, which probably was about the same as that RD-branded machine. Never noticed a performance difference between models, though more $ bought more convenience. My first thought would be to try alternative cleaning fluids.
  9. JeffS7444

    Need to improve home theater dialog

    Did you remember to disable the target response default midrange dip via Audyssey app? I also found the receiver’s Dynamic Eq feature unhelpful, and ended up disabling it.
  10. JeffS7444

    Refreshing movies worth watching

    The trailer for "Everything, Everywhere, All At Once" may reveal a bit too much, but nevertheless, there's no shortage of surprises.
  11. JeffS7444

    Aiyima T8 valve amp, to grease or not to grease...?

    But as the name implies, that's a dielectric, not a conductive substance. I reserve that for spark plug boots on my car, in order to keep contaminants out, and keep the electrical energy from finding alternative paths to ground.
  12. JeffS7444

    Modern Record Playback?

    Sounds like a great bunch of components, but do you really want to have 5K+ USD invested in a vinyl playback system in 2022?
  13. JeffS7444

    Pentax launches a film camera project

    I guess they decided "Why not give film a try?". Because who knows how sustainable their digital camera operations are. The bare camera chassis shown looks like a circa 1985 Pentax P3/P30-series SLR, but the top cover and stubby wind lever shown briefly at the end are unfamiliar to me...
  14. JeffS7444

    Is the entire audio industry a fraud?

    Imagine a world in which shoppers had a decent appreciation for science versus emotion (and I shall include ideology and rhetoric under the heading of "emotion"), and applied it to all aspects of their lives: I figure that they'd work less, spend less, a big chunk of the economy would collapse...
  15. JeffS7444

    Is the entire audio industry a fraud?

    To some extent, yes, but it's really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg: In our consumerist marketplace, a certain amount of BS is tolerated, even encouraged, because it powers the economies of the world. And you need go no further than the shelves of a typical supermarket to see examples of...
  16. JeffS7444

    Let's talk about food!

    Left: Eggplant and tofu stir-fry at a local Thai place. Not bad! Right: Lunch at a vegetarian Chinese place operated by a buddhist temple. There's no set menu, so you choose from whatever they've prepared that day. Tasty.
  17. JeffS7444

    DIY audio, where to get started?

    The majority of DIY offerings tend to be passive box-type speakers and valve electronics. Why valves? They are generally very DIY-friendly and more forgiving of beginner mistakes. Whereas the modern, surface-mounted electronics which make up the bulk of ASR-recommended products were designed...
  18. JeffS7444

    iPhone to Hifi system - Best device for my father

    I like Bluetooth, because it's the simplest, most universal wireless audio option around: It needs no network connectivity, no apps, and works with devices from many manufacturers.
  19. JeffS7444

    Extreme Snake Oil

    I like the pragmatic Benchmark / Blue Jeans approach to selling high-end cables: They recognize that there comes a time to shut one's mouth, smile, and collect the money!
  20. JeffS7444

    iPhone to Hifi system - Best device for my father

    Yes it would work, but it is expensive compared to a simple Bluetooth receiver such as this:
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