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  1. Timcognito

    What Is An Audiophile?

    I guess I'm not a audiophile because all I buy these days is music. I find that I have to explain to others that trip-hop is different from hip-hop. But I do have systems in three rooms. My HT 2010 center channel is sounding a bit muddy and after my sub blew up I bought a new one of those. This...
  2. Timcognito

    What was your best (and worst) audio purchase for the dollar?

    Best was Loxjie A30 for my son. So much great sound and connectivity for so little. Worst is replacing my Dad's classic '79 Yamaha CR-240 receiver with the gutless Emovtiva BasX A1 amp in my garage shop. The 20 w/ch Yamaha kicks butt on the so called 50 w/ch BasX, and looks better too. What was...
  3. Timcognito

    Grid Storage Systems for Renewable Energy - Technology and Projects (No Politics)

    No but over -population as a global environmental and resource problem. Just as environmentalists and climate change deniers predict our future specifics forward for half century that are hard to nail down. People in Ethiopia are starving because they can't get fertilizer from Ukraine, who would...
  4. Timcognito

    Grid Storage Systems for Renewable Energy - Technology and Projects (No Politics)

    Paul Ehrlich was right on the affects of over-population however he formulated it.
  5. Timcognito

    Excessive hissing in some tracks but not others?

    Try finding a download or CD that you have/own that is on Tidal and check both. Bet its Tidal's fault.
  6. Timcognito

    Thinking About Solar in California: Move Fast Before 4/15/23

    All you need is an application and purchase contract in by 4/15/23 to reduce your system payback time by 4 - 5 years, from 5-6 yrs now to 9-10 yrs after April. Installation and hookup to the grid must occur before 4/26 4/15/26 < FIXED
  7. Timcognito

    80's jewels

    Track Listings 1 I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones 2 What I Like About You - The Romantics 3 Lucky Number - Lene Lovich 4 Never Say Never - Romeo Void 5 Mexican Radio - Wall Of Voodoo 6 People Who Died - Jim Carroll Band 7 I Melt With You - Modern English 8 Our Lips Are Sealed -...
  8. Timcognito

    A Call For Humor!

  9. Timcognito

    A Call For Humor!

  10. Timcognito

    A Call For Humor!

  11. Timcognito

    A Call For Humor!

  12. Timcognito

    A Call For Humor!

  13. Timcognito

    A Call For Humor!

  14. Timcognito

    Music with amazing sub bass. Anything goes.

    Some test sounds here
  15. Timcognito

    Primary school homework

    Practice makes Perfect. They could make the school day longer so the teacher has more time to engage and help students with learning.
  16. Timcognito

    Sound isolation for a ceiling... will it work?

    Offer to buy them a rug or carpet for most offending room.
  17. Timcognito

    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

  18. Timcognito

    CD Player / Transport with Digital Out

    Just go with something like this and you can watch videos too. I have 1000+ CDs on a NAS and usually clean or polish the non-printed side with car headlight restorer to get...
  19. Timcognito

    Stanford University audio reference selection vinyl player

    Tony, you need to play your LPs more, the stylis does the same thing in very annoying way. Wonder what Stanford use to clean the records
  20. Timcognito

    Music Server for Work Office
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