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  1. xarkkon

    DIY Class A Amp

    Haven't done either of those but did the Amp Camp Amp despite the poor reviews here. Was an easy build to do with everything all in there. Would recommend for learning purposes. Pretty much no power though so don't expect a lot out of them. I use them well enough on 87db speakers but have to...
  2. xarkkon

    Parts Express Copperhead Desktop Full-Range Speaker build

    can confirm, built 2 pairs with my kids. they loved every moment of it, including one of them singing his finger tips on the soldering iron. that being said, i don't have a beard nor do i live near the outdoors so clearly i'm not getting the full on copperhead experience!
  3. xarkkon

    EAC has posted DIY speakers, Samba and Overnight Sensation measurements

    Pity! I guess there's always the C-Notes for PE to fall back on to. Wondering if Erin will test some of their floorstanders such as the Solstice. Those would be interesting!
  4. xarkkon

    SB Acoustics Bromo

    beautiful! pity it's your last pair. would love to see many more projects from you :)
  5. xarkkon

    DIY Compact tower speakers recommandation

    OP, how did you end up on your search? I'm considering DIY Towers too and am curious on your progress.
  6. xarkkon

    NAD D3045 Review (Integrated Amplifier)

    Aye! Seriously, more lifestyle integrated amps need this functionality. The only reason I'm still in the Sonos ecosystem is the ease of switching between TV and music streaming in my living room without needing any extra remotes.
  7. xarkkon

    VTA ST-70 Review (Stereo Tube Amplifier)

    dumb question, what's with the RCA splitters?
  8. xarkkon

    Nordost Tyr 2 Review (USB Cable)

    1400 for my wife to say that, regardless of audio snake oil and quackery, very tempting indeed! :p i tip my hat yet again to the kind sacrifice of the owner who loaned the cable across for testing....
  9. xarkkon

    3D Printed Aurora Borealis style headphones

    Looks very good. Well done!
  10. xarkkon

    3D Printed Aurora Borealis style headphones

    Cool! Any photos of the end product?
  11. xarkkon

    My First Build Log - Philharmonic Audio Affordable Accuracy Quick Kit

    Congrats on taking the first step into DIY, it's a fun place to be! Keep us posted on how the end product looks!
  12. xarkkon

    Cybershaft Platinum Review (External Clock & PS)

    Oof, that's less Cybershaft, more Cyber-Shafted!
  13. xarkkon

    Out for a few more days

    Very sorry to hear Amir. Hoping things start getting better soon!
  14. xarkkon

    Douk Pre-amp Tube Rolling (Russian 6N3P-E)

    Cool analysis, especially on the humming. That has been my experience with the Bottlehead Crack as well. Thought I just had defective tubes the first time around. Looks like its just ****** tubes working as intended. Heh.
  15. xarkkon

    Geshelli JNOG Review (Balanced DAC)

    Based on measurements, this looks like an ok DAC. Maybe not a recommended one, but at least one without a strong recommendation either way. Is there perhaps a chance that their BS marketing spiel has coloured the view of the product somewhat?
  16. xarkkon

    Tube Rolling: Does it Make a Difference?

    Ah, was just going to ask if an experiment could be done on an amp instead of a DAC. Didn't realise there was one with a preamp already. Was there any FR change from the Mullard? I'm curious to know about all the claims about certain tubes being warmer than others. I've got a Bottlehead Crack...
  17. xarkkon

    Hegel H95 Review (Streaming Amplifier)

    -salute- Thank you sir for your sacrifice. For science!
  18. xarkkon

    Hegel H95 Review (Streaming Amplifier)

    Wow, another subjective youtuber favourite thrown out the window (or rather, with measurements like that, it should literally be thrown out the window). Good to know!
  19. xarkkon

    Hifiman Arya Review (headphone)

    Nice! FR looks like Sundara + Ananda = Arya Which tells me that one should just stick to the Sundara instead...
  20. xarkkon

    ASR Directiva Open Source Speaker Review

    this is a fantastic idea! would be great to walk through the thinking behind the design process, choice of drivers, etc. i know it's all the the thread, but video's a fun medium too, and great to hear thoughts after the fact and next steps from here.
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