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  1. seyl3r

    S/PDIF quality audible with decent DAC?

    I went for the Hifiberry Digi+ Standard and I am very happy with it. Sounds great as expected. Genelec is doing the DA conversion. I modified my Nes3Pi case for the additional outputs. For the features and sound you get, I think this case is actually quite funny :). As long as nobody can...
  2. seyl3r

    Review and Measurements of Allo DigiOne RPI S/PDIF

    I asked my question with more explanation on my case here again, since I think the reach of it is quite low in here - just follow the link if you are interested in this issue
  3. seyl3r

    S/PDIF quality audible with decent DAC?

    I'm wondering if there is an audible difference with different digital interfaces for raspberry pi such as Hifiberry Digi+ Standard Audiophonics Digipi+ Pro Hifiberry Digi2 Pro Allo DigiOne I watched amirs Video "Is Digital Audio Transmission Really Analog?" which shows clearly explains that...
  4. seyl3r

    Review and Measurements of Allo DigiOne RPI S/PDIF

    Can anyone explain one more time what benefit I get with a S/PDIF module like this compared to something much cheaper like a HifiBerry Digi+ or an Audiophonics Digipi+? I get that there is less jitter and the DAC gets a cleaner digital signal, but will it have an effect on sound or only on...
  5. seyl3r

    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    Great as expected - how does it compare to the Stealth in terms of spatial qualities since it's open?
  6. seyl3r

    Leaving Roon, Qobuz and Tidal

    I don't have a suggestion for a streaming platform, but I would like to additionally recommend LastFM ( to log the music you actually listen to. Set it up once, that's it. I'm using it for almost 10 years now and have gone through different sources such as local music and...
  7. seyl3r

    Blind test: we have a volunteer!!!

    I think so as well. Wouldn't actually a setup suffice where GS and a third neutral person are sitting on a desk, separated by a dividing wall: 1. Left: GS with a headphone and control of music which is playing 2. Right: Neutral person with the above ABX switcher and three amps (connected and...
  8. seyl3r

    The science behind Stax's magic
  9. seyl3r

    Hifiman Sundara Review (headphone)

    Great review, thanks! Is there any information on which version has been tested? The latest revision got more bass than the old ones, right?
  10. seyl3r

    Master Complaint Thread About Headphone Measurements

    Are there any plans related to this: Soundstage and Imaging differs a lot on different headphones and is not visible in the current data presented, right? I used SonarWorks True-Fi for a long time and with frequency...
  11. seyl3r

    Leave it to the Germans, Abacus Mirra 14

    Can you explain why? They talk about lots of advantages of their approach and it's obviously different from others. I'm really interested in an electrical explanation.
  12. seyl3r

    Leave it to the Germans, Abacus Mirra 14

    I'm wondering if anybody here has enough background knowledge to say something about their amplifiers, since that's what they advertise most: If google translator is not sufficient, since I'm German, I...
  13. seyl3r

    Downside of EQing (headphones)

    But isn't the transfer function of the EARS rig fixed so that a proper calibration/compensation will lead to reproducible results? I mean miniDSP gives calibration files for each EARS they deliver. If this is off to the industry standard but consistent for different EARS models, wouldn't we be...
  14. seyl3r

    Downside of EQing (headphones)

    @Boerd: With the calibration question I meant one of the following probably? HEQ: headphone compensation for flat EQ target HPN: original headphone compensation IDF: IEM diffuse field compensation RAW: no headphone compensation (mic cal only)
  15. seyl3r

    Downside of EQing (headphones)

    Which calibration are you using? Can you share the uncorrected data and filter settings?
  16. seyl3r

    Differences in Bluetooth for Top Tier DACs?

    Sure, but will there be a difference besides the supported codecs? I have seen stronlgy varying performances of different coax and toslink implementations. I guess this is similar with Bluetooth?
  17. seyl3r

    Differences in Bluetooth for Top Tier DACs?

    I'm wondering if there is any difference in the bluetooth implementation and quality of these DACs if used with a current Windows 10 PC, Bluetooth 5 and Tidal? Controlled via USB, all of the top tier DACs are measurably transparent. The selection of a DAC can be made purely on the basis of...
  18. seyl3r

    Speaking German? Can you help me with this audio review?!

    Youtube offers captions with translation in different languages, so if you want to have all the details, this might be an option for you.
  19. seyl3r

    Artists You Have Discovered Lately

    Don't know if somebody already posted this, but Polyphia impresses me every day anew - progressive rock, novel, virtuosic, talented:
  20. seyl3r

    Connect multiple "amps" to balanced DAC output

    Hi everybody, Some years ago, I built a balanced Stax headphone amplifier (High-Amp Sirius Basis - with the assistance of my uncle, who was an electronics guy. However, unfortunately he passed away last year - since I can now no longer fall back on his...
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