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  1. twsecrest

    Incredibly bad ALC1220-VB Headphone out Noise and Distortion

    With the wires connecting the motherboard, to the front panel headphone jack. The wires can pick up electrical noise that is generated inside the computer case.
  2. twsecrest

    Is HDMI to optical through a TV lossless?

    Normal optical, 2.0 channels of 24-bit/96 or 24-bit/192k audio digital audio. Or Bitstream, Dolby Digital Live, DTS-connect (compressed digital audio) 6-channels (5.1) 24-bit/48k digital audio. There might be some improvements in Dolby or DTS that I'm not aware of? HDMI 8-channels (7.1) of...
  3. twsecrest

    Sony HT-a5000 unable to get Dolby Atmos from PC

    Have you tried running HDMI, straight from the PC to the screen and run optical, from the PC to the sound bar, see if that works?
  4. twsecrest

    AV Receiver processing clocking

    I'm going to make a guess that whatever "chips" (DSP?) are used in a modern A/V receiver, are a more basic processing unit, than a typical Intel or AMD computer CPU (best guess).
  5. twsecrest

    Audio Processor needed: Multi channel to 2.0 (Large Speakers)

    To me trying to get a pair of speakers (2.0) to recreate (fake) 5.1 speaker surround sound is a waste of time. You might lose some of the sound quality, trying to process a 5.1 speaker signal into a 2.0 speaker setup. I'm of the option that setting the sources to stereo audio will get the best...
  6. twsecrest

    Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro Impressions

    The Audio Technica ATH-R70X headphones are 470-Ohm, so your two sources (Icon & Groove) might not be giving the R70X the kind of power it needs to be fully functional. Try plugging the R70X into something like a A/V receiver (if you have one) and see if the sound improves. For something to buy...
  7. twsecrest

    Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro Impressions

    What sources or DAC/amp do you currently plug your headphones into?
  8. twsecrest

    Audio Processor needed: Multi channel to 2.0 (Large Speakers)

    Sound processing from Headphone surround sound or 5.1 speaker surround sound and converted to 2.0 audio. That kind of DAC? Or just set your audio source to 2.0 and just use basic 2.0 stereo, that's easy for a DAC to process.
  9. twsecrest

    Mojo as Desktop DAC Troubleshooting

    Make sure the computer and the power monitors are on separate surge protectors (power strips).
  10. twsecrest

    Best way to pair 2I2 with Amplifier? And which amp?

    I guess the Schiit Vali is about as much as I would spend for driving the DT770.
  11. twsecrest

    Best way to pair 2I2 with Amplifier? And which amp?

    Xduoo MT-602 tube headphone amplifier ($100). Would not really spend any more for driving the DT770 80-Ohm, as I would rather replace the DT770, than spend money on a headphone amplifier.
  12. twsecrest

    Receiver suggestions needed[]=350-1700&r=63c2b47b
  13. twsecrest

    Upgrading after Yamaha RX-596 no longer working.
  14. twsecrest

    New MP3 player of amp for headphones ?

    You normally plug headphones into the headphone jack. But have you been plugging the headphones into the line-input jack, which would give the headphones no sound.
  15. twsecrest

    New MP3 player of amp for headphones ?

    The FiiO X3's input jack (3.5mm) would not be connected to an add-on headphone amplifier. As the add-on headphone amplifier would normally be connected to the line-output jack, on the X3. What do you normally use the X3's input jack for?
  16. twsecrest

    New MP3 player of amp for headphones ?

    Can't see how the KA1 connected to the X3 would have any effect the X3's broken line-input jack.
  17. twsecrest

    New MP3 player of amp for headphones ?

    That USB DAC/amp dongle (KA1) is something you would plug into a smartphone, or even a computer. But not something that you would want to use with a FiiO X3 DAP. If you were going to daisy chain a headphone amplifier, off a portable audio device, something like the FiiO A5 (headphone amplifier)...
  18. twsecrest

    DX3 pro: How to output to speakers?

    Yea, just run two (RCA to RCA) cables, from the DX3 Pro, to the Kanto YU4 speakers. I would refer to the YU4 as consumer level studio monitors. Using the term speakers might make one think of passive (unpowered) speakers.
  19. twsecrest

    which headphones do you recommend?

    Takstar HF 580 planar headphones, with Sendyaudio AVIA ear pads.
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