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  1. martijn86

    SMSL DO200 MKII DAC Review

    There would be data and power on one cable. A laptop can be powered by monitor while sending a display signal to the monitor for example. Most laptops have 35~45W power delivery output capabilities. Just having a USB-C port that can do the Power Delivery handshake, opens up a few possibilities...
  2. martijn86

    SMSL DO200 MKII DAC Review

    With so many top 20 DAC's at a reasonable price with balanced output and an internal power supply. I'm going to be nitpicking. It needs a USB-C port, preferably with Power Delivery and I would personally like a trigger. This performance and price has gone from disruptive to expected.
  3. martijn86

    Subwoofer Comparison

    Hey, I had this idea to compare the variance in a range of frequencies. Important to me was C1 (roughly 31.5 Hz) to 63 Hz for music and 20 Hz to 63 Hz for LFE. Colours are set from ~3dB or lower in green (remarkable even response, no EQ required), to ~24dB or higher in red (impossible to EQ...
  4. martijn86

    Warning: change your password please!

    Standard, works with all e-mail.
  5. martijn86

    Warning: change your password please!

    Go to and check under the Two Factor Authentication header. Never use text messages for authentication though, they can be spoofed. Use an app like Aegis or Authy, or use a hardware key like a Yubikey.
  6. martijn86

    Warning: change your password please!

  7. martijn86

    Warning: change your password please!

    Also, adding a year and/or an exclamation mark at the end isn't going to save you. Normally (if you're not a specific target) they just run the 10K most popular passwords (available to the public on GitHub) and a script that tries all the variations on those with capitals, numbers and special...
  8. martijn86

    JBL 708i Monitor Review (DSP: Part 2)

    Very interesting (and disappointing) result. I'm a big believer in DSP and active crossovers but it should really be sample specific. My bet is that a set of 708p's with a MiniDSP Flex Balanced and 2x Sabaj A20a is going to be significantly better.
  9. martijn86

    S.M.S.L PO100, PO100 PRO & PO100 AK Measurements (Digital interfaces & DAC)

    I think that's exactly what you can expect them to do. Android is really just a Unix based operating system. You can use USB Audio devices on Android, just like USB Ethernet adapters, USB Storage etc. Sometimes the smart TV interface doesn't expect completely new ports but they'll be active...
  10. martijn86

    PS Audio PowerPlant 3 Review

    The results are in aaaaand it's: fraud Is there an efficiency loss with these kinds of devices?
  11. martijn86

    Monoprice DAC & Amp Dongle Review

    Monoprice should change their spec-sheet. There can be variance in methods of testing, but this is nowhere near what they promise. Monoprice knows that they target a demographic that cares about quality components without too much mark-up. This is just false advertising, misleading, and since...
  12. martijn86

    Schiit Magni Heretic Headphone Amp Review

    Why aren't these devices powered by USB-C PD? Tiny little GaN charger, laptop or powerbank... I wish I could just have a single 3 or 4 port GaN charger to power most of the (low power) peripheral's in my media cabinet.
  13. martijn86

    TAD Evolution 2 Speaker Review

    Just get a pair of Kef R3's and gift a pair of Kef R3's to nine friends and family members.
  14. martijn86

    TAD Evolution 2 Speaker Review

    It is fine if I don't consider the price. You know. If this was a $250 mass market Boston acoustics speaker, it would be great, likely with EQ. If this was a $2000 hifi tower, I'd say that almost all of the budget went into build quality and the sonic properties are fine, with EQ. For $20000...
  15. martijn86

    Measuring 2-channel Buckeye Purifi Amplifier Performance

    Very clean power, between 2-225W a sinad of >80dB is perfect!
  16. martijn86

    SMSL SU-10 DAC Review

    It means nothing but I'm just interested. Is the score a moment or is it a mean, average or peak of a longer capture? Is that even possible to capture 5 seconds and calculate a mean 123.8dB (+/- .4dB) for example?
  17. martijn86

    SMSL M500 MKIII DAC & Amp Review

    I don't think the AP analyzer needs upgrading. Once this level of performance starts to seep into the $150,- territory, ASR can just become a blank page with a few affiliate links to those products and Amir can retire.
  18. martijn86

    SMSL M500 MKIII DAC & Amp Review

    This is fantastic, end-game stuff for your desktop. The form reminds me of a lab analyzer. A brilliant implementation of balanced, unbalanced, international power supply, Bluetooth, headphone amplifier and instrument grade performance. The full distortion free dynamic range of this device covers...
  19. martijn86

    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    Hmm do I really need a car?
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