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  1. maxxevv

    Onkyo ... end of an era.

    Sad to see such an old name gone.
  2. maxxevv

    Alternate version of JBL 305P and JBL BT volume control

    Came across what seems to be China market specific versions of the JBL 3 series speakers. These are the 305p equivalents, there are other sizes in the line up too. 3", 4", 5", 6" and 8". They call it the Nano K. Interesting in that its...
  3. maxxevv

    Some new stuff from Topping and SMSL.

    Topping and SMSL showed some new stuff at CanJam Singapore. From the recent well measuring products, believe many here on this forum would be interested I think. Topping DX7 Pro. SMSL VMV D1 , D2 (R2R Ladder DAC), P2 Headphone Amplifier.
  4. maxxevv

    Mathematically modeled sound attenuating / absorbing metamaterial.

    Interesting possibilities with regards to room acoustics treatment in the future.
  5. maxxevv

    Passive A/B input/output switch for headphone/earphone jacks.

    Came across these while searching for a remote switch. Think those who like to do A/B comparisons of sound output be it DAC / Headphone / Earphones will find this useful...
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