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    When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? by Billie Eilish: Insane bass

    It has a very prominent bass boost, so no surprise.
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    Aperion N5T Speaker Review

    Preferent Rating SCORE: 5.3 SCORE w/ sub: 6.9 Sensitivity: 86.1dB (300Hz-3kHz ; spec: 88d) Frequency response: +/- 3.2dB 80Hz-20kHz Link to all graphs/data
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    Turning bookshelf speakers on the side (horizontal) vs upright (vertical)?

    You are swapping the horizontal/vertical off-axis response. If your speakers are decently far from any side-walls, it shouldn’t make a ton of difference, especially when used for watching tv.
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    Speakers measurements anatomy

    I’ll just copy/paste from the Audioholics article: Same as above but rotated: Now a colored by SPL loudness: Now a top-down view: Here it is as a 360° projection:
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    How do you usually listen to music?

    How do I normally listen to music? Off my smartphone speakers while laying in bed. I have a bunch of headphones/earphones and speaker setups, I just don't regularly utilize them. Can‘t listen to music during work, and at home if I’m using on the tv system watching shows/movies/content.
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    SMSL M500 MKIII DAC & Amp Review

    I’m not the one questioning a company‘s ethics.
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    SMSL M500 MKIII DAC & Amp Review

    Buy one yourself and send it to Amir if you have doubts. I don’t know about SMSL, but Amir has stated that Topping has an open offer for him to purchase their products from a retailer (say Amazon) and they’ll reimburse him, rather than them sending in a review unit and people having the same...
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    $10k for StandMounts

    That’s on the softer side. If you don’t use tone controls or DSP, nor if your amp has a Loudness setting, you might want a speaker that is v-shaped in nature.
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    Speaker Drivers vs design

    Yeah, a better tweeter may be one with higher max SPL, but if the tweeter you are already using in the design gets sufficiently loud, then the more expensive tweeter, depending on the cost difference, would not be worth it. Also, with drivers, you almost never have a case where a “better”...
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    Worst movie ever?

    If it made it into theaters, then there was enough of a budget and decent test audience reactions. If it went straight to DVD (nowadays straight to streaming/on-demand), then it likely is terrible. So depends on your criteria. There are YouTube channels that just react to terrible movies, and...
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    Unfortunate development with Erin's Audio Corner
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    Erin's Audio Corner YT channel is about to change...

    It’d be an agreement. Right after getting the news, one usually doesn’t want to be around the person seeking the divorce, go to a hotel or something to be alone and sort your thoughts. In the US though, it is indeed more favorable for the woman usually.
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    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    It’d be a combo of if there was measurements and also if it was a free return (restocking fees and such).
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    Measurements never lie, but sometimes they can be an illusion...

    Sorry, but I have no clue what your point is and the amount of text is too much for me to read it all (>1500 words, equivalent to 6 pages if double-spaced). Measurements measure what you have it measure, if you want to include ultra-sonics in the measurements, then you can. You say the point...
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    Vimberg Amea Bookshelf Measurements | SoundStage/NRC

    True. However, the power of frequencies that high is low. So unless playing a vinyl and worrying about pops and such, I doubt it will be an audible concern. But would I like for the resonant frequency to be higher and/or have a reduction in the resonant peak, of course.
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    Is this approach better than a coaxial speaker ?

    Looks like they were inspired by Tekton.
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    Prayers for Florida

    Barely even had any broken tree branches near me. Thankfully for it changed course from the earlier forecasts, but of course for the people it actually hit it’s terrible, I’ve been seeing some crazy property damage videos on social media.
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    What Speakers Would You Like Amir To Measure Next?

    The 7Hz Zero IEMs for $20. Not sure if Crinacle also helped with these like with the Truthear Zero, but in his data they measure similarly but with deeper bass and slightly less treble in the presence region, and for <1/2 the price. I have a terrible ear, but I think I like them even more than...
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    Prayers for Florida

    Ventusky allows you to easily switch between models and see the differences in forecast:;-82.08;6&l=temperature-2m&m=gem ZoomEarth gives us a periodically updates satellite view...
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