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    Stereophile's snide editorial on ASR and Amir

    It breaks the hifi reviewer's business model, and entire raison d'être, if the reader can make their own judgement based on facts rather than (their) opinions. They *need* to denigrate the likes of Amir and objectivists, it's pathetic. I'm so glad I gave up reading the hifi press decades ago -...
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    oh dear... "Cable Pathways Between Audio Components Can Affect Perceived Sound Quality"

    Please do complain, publishing this material is shockingly poor. I have complained about various poor papers several times and my complaints about the peer review process and what is published have been ignored. I review papers for several journals and conferences, and the AES has the most error...
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    oh dear... "Cable Pathways Between Audio Components Can Affect Perceived Sound Quality"

    What a pity that the AES publishes this flawed material... Similar the the POZZ link, I found another link to the paper on a forum, but this has a limited lifespan.
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    I'm pretty sure John understands - he designed the Topping preamp and is a very accomplished audio electronics engineer...
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    Uh huh... But there are enough forums for discussion of uncontrolled listening tests and whatever you feel about a piece of equipment. This is Audio SCIENCE Review, so please present evidence of your listening tests to prove it is not just the result of sighted bias or uncontrolled listening. To...
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    Yes indeed. Except that we also know that casual and uncontrolled listening leads to false conclusions. So whatever else there is to discover about audio reproduction, and yes I agree there are probably still some things to learn, will be: a.) small in comparison to the large issues of...
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    You can disagree as much as you like, but you would be wrong. There is plenty of evidence to support what I wrote, and I have linked to it several times before, so I will not do it now. You are new here, do some research. Look up SIY's articles, for example "Testing, one two three" on Linear...
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    The final truth about DSP Volume Control in Roon

    For those who are time-poor, from the paper: --- Conclusion The DSP volume control inside the Roon Bridge is as perfect as can be. The noise floor remains at -178dB, regardless of which attenuation is set for the DSP volume. This means that even at volumes down to -50dB the dynamic at the...
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    Exactly Veri! The Topping cannot "kill the energy"(of the music) - it is simply impossible. The unit provides exceptionally clean gain (and input switching), nothing more and nothing less. If I needed a preamp I am sure I would be happy with it. I have seen SO much of this uncontrolled...
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    Uh huh... Without a level matched blind test the listening "test" is useless and biased, as they all are, seems the listening is based on "photos"... "Killed the energy" - again, what units is this measured in? Or do you mean distortion or some other measurable factor? Without measurements or...
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    Knives. Knifethread.

    Nice granite bench top! (My father was a stone mason) It is likely harder than your knives though so it's easy to blunt or damage them!
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    Knives. Knifethread.

    Picked these up in Kapabashi back when we could travel... They are my favourites! Here is the daily driver set in the kitchen - really I use the 4 on the right for 95% of things.
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    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    What units is this measured in?
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    That's a bit unfair bro! People here DO care. I have no wish to see any other human suffer with this malaise. I am sorry that you have been knocked into this unpleasantness, and I am sure many others are too. I cannot comment on movies, except that I do watch the levels I am exposed to and I...
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    Genelec 8351B Review (Studio Monitor)

    A very nice review, many thanks Amir, I too have been curious about these speakers.
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    Message to golden-eared audiophiles posting at ASR for the first time...

    Indeed Helicopter! We are honoured to have the likes of JJ, SIY and ScottW (for example) here to converse with. I am not fit to stand in their shadow (although I was once honoured by SW as he asked me to review one of his mic preamp articles for Linear Audio). To see any of them called a...
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    Why the crystal oscillator circuit of the Duemilanove reference design uses 22pf capacitors?

    22pF is a standard value, and 20pF is not. These capacitors are typically +/- 10%, so that puts it in range. It is likely that the value is not super critical. Also, you are right that there may easily be a few pF of stray capacitance, depending on the layout details...
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    Time resolution of Redbook (16/44) PCM

    I would suggest watching the Monty video. I will put the link below. For the initial point, there is no limitation to the timing resolution of a 44.1KHz sampled waveform from a band-limited input. The video has the time set in it to play from the part where this is demonstrated in the analog...
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    HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Array

    Yes, it appear to be a limited variation of Wave Field Synthesis (see link above), which from their website looks more like a solution in search of a problem... Looks like it has some facility to play prerecorded content (as WFS renderers usually provide), but not really suitable for home use in...
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    Nyquist/Shannon bashing

    I was so annoyed by it that I contacted them saying it was misinformation masquerading as fact and pointed them to Monty's video about how DA/AD actually works... I hope it makes a difference, I also pointed them to Nyquist-Shannon etc, but the contact page only allows a 400 character message...
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