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  1. dshreter

    Connecting two systems to one subwoofer?

    I have two systems in one room and am trying to determine if I could safely connect both systems to the same subwoofer without too much trouble. One system has a Sonos AMP serving electronic duties for a TV The other is a desktop system with a Motu M2 connected to KH80 active monitors...
  2. dshreter

    Should you use Fletcher-Munson loudness compensation?

    I know many are familiar with the Fletcher-Munson or equal loudness curves. In a nutshell: “The Fletcher Munson Curve contains a set of graphs that show that when you listen to music at a lower volume, mid-range frequencies will be sound more prominent, whereas high and low frequencies will be...
  3. dshreter

    HDMI ARC interface?

    I would like to get a pair of Genelec 8330a (I think) for use with a TV. I'm struggling a bit with finding an interface that makes for straightforward system. Requirements: AES/EBU output Remote volume control Digital input Very nice to have: HDMI ARC input Volume control that operates via...
  4. dshreter

    The quantification of stereo imaging

    One of the most rewarding attributes of a stereo system that is setup well in a room is the presence of clear stereo imaging. For me, this is the sensation that sound is emanating directly from the space between the speakers, but others even go as far as to describe a 3d sound stage that can...
  5. dshreter

    Should Class D amps be fed analogue or digital?

    With my small brain understanding of Class D amplification, they can operate with a digital input that goes straight into the amplification circuit without first requiring digital to analogue conversion. And that when provided with an analogue input, they do what could be described as analogue...
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