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  1. Freeway

    What Moneyball-for-Everything Has Done to American Culture

    Is Audio Science Review the Moneyball of Audiophilia?
  2. Freeway

    WiiM Mini Streamer

    Alvin @ Denafrips just made a video, on his birthday, about the Wiim mini.
  3. Freeway

    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    What no M1 fuses on the order? This is just too humorous - " The Masterpiece M1 Fuses Audio Magic has been hand-building upgrade fuses for about 10 years. The new M1 fuse really is his masterpiece. Filled with his proprietary Black Diamond concoction as well as Bees Wax, together with other...
  4. Freeway

    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    "The CE Generators simply absorb bad energy and convert it to good energy, you will feel better and your stereo system will sound a lot better, with better imaging, detail, dynamics, and simply just sound a lot more realistic." from highend-electronics...
  5. Freeway

    Sealed speakers VS ported

    And what about passive radiators? Middle ground?
  6. Freeway

    Anyone else see this WaPo story on the vinyl thing?

    Is the cup half empty or half full? Do I float away and go Wow? I do appreciate the perfectionists for what trickles down to a bottom feeder like me. Great article!
  7. Freeway

    Is Benchmark AHB2 power a good buy for me?

    I experienced the opposite. Before I received the ABH2 I worried it would would be 'too' analytical and such what with the high SINAD and all. At first I felt disappointed. It was seemed too warm, too much ambience. I wanted my D amp back. I have had it since January, listened multiple speakers...
  8. Freeway

    Sound stage depth?

    I can relate to the term 'soundscape'. Soundstage, nah.
  9. Freeway

    A new trend on amplifier performance

    My dual mono ICEpower modules both disagree.
  10. Freeway

    Can anyone identify what Plug Type this is

    Or an early Fuji X.
  11. Freeway

    Caption This

    "Then I guess she had to crash Valium would have helped that bash"
  12. Freeway

    Do you read the instructions?

    When all else fails, read the instructions.
  13. Freeway

    ATC speakers / Monitors

    There is just something about my ATCs Like going home. A dear old friend. A favorite pair of well worn shoes. Happens every time I think to plug them in, which this thread prompted me to do. Most of the time they get little love around here anymore. Yep, it happened again. Probably never get rid...
  14. Freeway

    Zu Audio - What is Going On?

    Stereophile interview with Sean Casey by John Atkinson
  15. Freeway

    Cannot live without digital room correction now

    Buchardt has it in their i150 amp @ $2,500. Just uses an iPhone's mike. Go all over the room, up down all around for 60 seconds. The auto Room EQ is for correction of room modes. Done in the lower FR.. There also is some manual EQing, high and low crossovers and other stuff too.
  16. Freeway

    Buchardt S400 *MKII* Spinorama and measurements

    I was originally responding to VintageFlanker's comment at bottom of his post on the cheaper price of the MKII SE. Why it might be so.
  17. Freeway

    Buchardt S400 *MKII* Spinorama and measurements

    Not exactly. The MKII is "redesigned with a highly improver crossover" The S400 SE has a different crossover than the regular S400 SE. The S400 MKII SE has the same crossover as the regular S400 MKII. The S400 SE cost more than the S400 MKII SE
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