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    Stereo Crosstalk Elimination (reduction) Par Excellence!

    I feel like I've come across something really fantastic! It started out as an attempt to simply derive a center channel from 2 channel stereo. By accident it turned out to be an outstanding crosstalk elimination method - much better than I thought at first because I hadn't dialed it in all the...
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    Group Delay Inherent in Recordings?

    I found this post over on the DIY audio forum: Is he on to something here? I do agree with him about how the cone position relates to the air pressure. If a condenser mic. is recording maximum voltage at peak...
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    Diplacusis - perceiving pitch differently in each ear.

    I had never heard of this but discovered I was suffering from it while listening to sine wave bass tones through my speakers. I think was 80Hz. At first I thought I heard distortion and figured it was my speakers having a problem. Then I tried listening on headphones on a completely different...
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    What's going on with these bass horns? The mystery of the missing frequencies.

    I've been scratching my head lately about a whole room suck out I have at 85 Hz with my horn woofer stacks. It's a little louder here and there but overall 85 hz is way down everywhere. 75hz too. So I got to wondering how that can be. How can the woofer be moving without making sound? Could the...
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    Oops - redundant content

    accidentally posted something twice. This can be deleted.
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    Measure your C50 in REW and tell us how your bass sounds!

    You are all invited to participate in this experiment to test the idea that a high C50 value as measured by REW equates to good, tight sounding bass. The idea here is that some value of C50 may correlate to subjectively good sounding bass in listening rooms. We're specifically looking at the C50...
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    Opioid use can trigger deafness

    Potential bad news for audiophiles in need of pain relief. "Researchers identified 41 people with opioid exposure who experienced full or partial hearing loss or tinnitus, likely caused by toxicity to the ear. More than half had...
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