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  1. Ralph_Cramden

    HDMI Display For WiiM Mini (via Inovato Quadra)

    Preliminary version of Python script for displaying WiiM Mini (and Pro?) currently playing data on an HDMI display. Fully tested on the $29 Inovato Quadra at various 16:9 screen resolutions, scales nicely on my 24" ASUS monitor, should work fine on 7" HDMI monitors. Screen blanking / HDMI...
  2. Ralph_Cramden

    IR Remote Control Hack for WiiM Mini

    A hack to connect a cheap IR remote control to your WiiM Mini via a Raspberry Pi Pico W. Pause/Play, Next/Prev, and direct select item 1-9 in Queue. I use fixed volume, so didn’t implement volume control, but should be straightforward to add.
  3. Ralph_Cramden

    Simple Python Web App for WiiM Mini Display

    A very basic example of a responsive web page displaying the current track on your WiiM Mini. Just install the Python requirements (xmltodict,upnpclient), update the IP address in to point to your WiiM Mini, chmod +x, and start it up. Point your browser to...
  4. Ralph_Cramden

    Why Is Hi-Fi Gear So Darn Expensive?!

    Good for a chuckle. Typical "rationalization" from TAS.
  5. Ralph_Cramden

    Waveshare 7" Display For Your WiiM Mini

    I've posted the Python script, with a complete set of instructions for installation on a Raspberry Pi Zero, here.
  6. Ralph_Cramden

    Sonos Wins First Round in Patent Case Against Google at ITC David vs Goliath. Interesting to watch.
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