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  1. Bombadil

    Revel b110v2 or b112v2 experience?

    These are on a major sale right now and while beautiful to look at the specs published at Revel don't show much depth, esp compared to a less expensive offering like the SVS SB3000. Just wondering if anyone has one or more of these and can share their experience. I read that Revel also blind...
  2. Bombadil

    Anthem sale AVM70

    $500 off Anthem AVM70 8K Black Friday sale
  3. Bombadil

    Benchmark increases prices by $300

    Just checked their site and the AHB2, HPA4 and LA4 are all up by $300. ouch.
  4. Bombadil

    SOLD: Revel 228be walnut

    Beautiful speakers, about 2 years old. $5800 local pickup only. I did not keep the original boxes; they were huge!
  5. Bombadil

    FS: Bluesound Node 2i

    Bluesound Node 2i $420 includes paypal fees and shipping to continental US. Local pickup $375 (zip code 95616)
  6. Bombadil

    Phase adjustment failure with STR preamp and ARC Genesis

    I've tried everything I can think of, including a factory reset on my STR preamp, and still can't get past this problem. Hopefully one of our members has encountered this and found a solution. The STR has the latest firmware and the ARC Genesis program is the latest version. I connect the STR...
  7. Bombadil

    ASR Annual Awards

    I think we need ASR annual awards. Not the typical "Best Amplifier" stuff you see in the mags but awards that are of actual use to folks looking to buy. For example, "Best UI in a Streamer", "Most Transformative Component" (I would lobby for the STR preamp), "Best Engineered DAC", "Most...
  8. Bombadil

    Is it important to have uniform amplification across the LCR channels?

    I was investigating Perlisten speakers for my 7.4 HT system (details below) and in emails with Matt Poes he mentioned as an aside that having uniform amplification across the LCR channels would be ideal. At the time I had March P701 monoblocks for R/L and an AHB2 in mono for the center. I...
  9. Bombadil

    AVM90 available tomorrow :)

    The Anthem web site has a big splash announcing AVM90 availability as of March 21.
  10. Bombadil

    Withdrawn: March Audio P701 monoblocks

    no longer for sale
  11. Bombadil

    Secrets Q&A with John Siau

    A recent interview with John Siau was published in the Secrets of HT and High Fidelity. I enjoyed getting further insight into the AHB2 and was particularly intrigued by one point made by John Siau...
  12. Bombadil

    SOLD: Bluesound Node 2i mint

    Original buyer, looks and works as new. $475 includes shipping and PayPal fees (continental US only). Includes all accessories and original shipping materials.
  13. Bombadil

    Removed: Anthem STR Power Amplifier

    No longer available
  14. Bombadil

    SOLD: Audioengine B1 Bluetooth adapter: SOLD

    This little devil is in very good condition and can be very handy. With just an optical or analog cables you can connect to an audio setup, pair your phone, and away you go with Bluetooth AptX quality streaming. These are $190 plus tax/shipping new, selling this one for $100 which includes...
  15. Bombadil

    SOLD: Matrix Sabre3 DAC / Streamer

    Original owner, have owned for only a couple weeks. Sounds exquisite and works seamlessly to stream all the major services, including Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect etc. Retail $3000 plus tax/shipping. Details/specs can be found at the Matrix site:
  16. Bombadil

    The role of subwoofer DSP in overall room correction

    If we agree that room correction should focus on the lower frequencies (sub Schroeder) it seems to me that the eq features in subwoofers might play an important role. If effective, could this be enough for many of us, esp when working with simpler two channel setups and accurate speakers? If...
  17. Bombadil

    Justification of an expensive purchase

    I spotted the new Matrix Sabre 3 DAC/streamer thing and of course had to buy one. The discussion in my head between my rational self and my audioself went something like this: audioself: OMG this thing is gorgeous! Look at the glass, must be Gorilla glass, or better probably. It's Matrix...
  18. Bombadil

    Anthem delays extended

    Just heard from my dealer (IQ Audio in Virginia) that the AVM90 is further delayed, expecting release in 1st quarter of next year. STR components also delayed and perhaps even discontinued. Difficulty in obtaining parts is cited as the primary problem. I've been waiting to update my AVM60...
  19. Bombadil

    SOLD!!!Benchmark AHB2 black; SOLD!!!

    Gone but not forgotten :)
  20. Bombadil

    Revel M126be sold

    Gone to Los Angeles, wonderful speakers, sad to see them go
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