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  1. MarcR

    Apple Music Spatial Audio review and question

    I have become a huge fan of Apple Music Spatial Audio, and I regularly review the Now in Spatial Audio listing to discover new Dolby Atmos music. The experience of well-crafted Atmos mixes in my home theater room has revitalized my interest in music - at its best, the sonic experience is...
  2. MarcR

    Dirac for nearfield 2.0?

    I just acquired a pair of Kali IN-8v2 and a miniDSP Flex TRS w/ Dirac. The physical setup is pretty good - small carpeted office with speakers on audio isolation foam pads toed in from the corners of a 60x34" desk centered on a wall. I'm new to nearfield and am blown away by the...
  3. MarcR

    Advice re: new HT/music (~80/20) Revel system

    Hi everyone, first post here! I have been lurking in the audiophile forum community - avforums, AVS Forums, and others - for a few months to learn enough to decide what to buy. I came across ASR a few weeks ago and have spent much time here - the focus on science, measurement, and objectivity...
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