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  1. DSJR

    'New' retro HiFi, especially speakers

    This article is obviously from a mainly UK standpoint, but I found it interesting... Wharfedale have two new 'retro looking' models well up in price from the Linton (which I gather from a good...
  2. DSJR

    ADOT Fibre Network Kit

    Now on sale across the UK for £349 I ask in genuine innocence here - would a thing like this actually do anything positive, or is it another answer looking for a problem? -
  3. DSJR

    Gundry Dip in loudspeakers

    Apologies if this has been discussed or posted before, but I stumbled on this just now and being UK based and occasional defender of the BBC style of speaker design (cough) and seeing lower kHz dips in so many modern speakers reviewed here, I thought some of you might find the linked thread...
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