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  1. Billy Budapest

    PS Audio DirectStream DAC mk2 hilarious ad copy

    PS Audio is launching its “DirectStream” (whatever that means) DAC mk2 and the ad copy on the product page is hilarious: “Unlike the vast majority of high-end DACs based on off-the-shelf IC technology, DirectStream MK2 is handwritten...
  2. Billy Budapest

    New Electro-Harmonix 6sn7 pair, 12ax7 pair, 12au7 - $99

    Take them all for $99 plus shipping to continental USA. PayPal only. Reasonable offers entertained. Matched pair Electro-Harmonix 12ax7 Matched pair Electro-Harmonix 6sn7 Single Electro-Harmonix 12au7 Let me know. Thanks!
  3. Billy Budapest

    Amazon Basics 12 gauge speaker cable

    Usually I stick with known professional wire manufacturers (Belden, Canare, Mogami, Klotz, Van Damme, Van den Hul, and Gotham are my basic go-to’s), but I am relocating all my speakers to the opposite side of the room as my equipment and will need long speaker cable runs. So, given the cost...
  4. Billy Budapest

    FS: Geshelli Labs Archel 2.5 Pro Headphone Amp, $135—SOLD

    Black with smoked acrylic. Very light use in like-new condition. Box, manual, stickers, and everything that came with it. $135 shipped to USA, or plus actual shipping cost to rest of world. Paypal only. Thanks for looking. Eric
  5. Billy Budapest

    For Sale, $250: Schiit Stack - Modi Uber, Vali, Cthulhu, PYSTs, Topping Rack—SOLD

    Schiit Stack for sale—all of the below together, will not separate. Also will consider trades. PayPal only to Continental US only: Schiit Modi 2 Uber Schiit Vali Schiit Cthulhu floor wart Schiit PYST analog interconnects Schiit PYST usb cable Schiit wall warts (in case you want them) Topping...
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