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    Speaker Size Index

    Since there seemed to be a fair bit of interest in this sort of visualization, I started a thread (thanks to @sweetchaos). Looks like this: It is far from complete of course, but helps to comprehend the actual size differences between different speakers - something that is hard to gauge from...
  2. 3125b

    Used Focal Elear - how risky?

    So I've been looking at buying a used Focal Elear, and I've found a potential candidate. Fairly good price, obviously not used much, local pick up. It is four years old however and there are the known driver issues. Focal extended their warranty to five years because of that, wich would mean one...
  3. 3125b

    Any thoughts on Rotel RB-991 and RC-980BX?

    Hey, a friend of mine is about to buy the aforementioned combo for 280€ used in very good condition, and I'm curious if thats a good decision. Are they worth it? Are there any reliability problems or so? Would it be possible to use the JDS Atom Amp as a preamp instead of the 980BX, since it's...
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