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  1. Duke

    Dual Opposed Subwoofer Theory?

    That experiment was almost forty years ago, so I'll be going by memory. Both boxes used the Dynaudio 21W54 woofer. The sealed box was 2 cubic feet (net internal volume) and the isobaric was 1 cubic feet. Or at least that was the ratio; the internal volume of the sealed box was intentionally...
  2. Duke

    Capital Audiofest 2022 - November 11th-13th

    Thanks for your interest! By way of background, I like some of the things a good horn speaker does well, and I like some of the things a good dipole speaker does well. (I'm a SoundLab dealer so that's my idea of a "good dipole speaker".) At the risk of oversimplifying, we're trying to get two...
  3. Duke

    Capital Audiofest 2022 - November 11th-13th

    Thank you very much!! We made some spectral and level adjustments later in the day on Friday and again on Saturday, so imo the sound was better later in the show. The speakers were eight days old when you came by on Friday, and most of those eight days they had spent in transit, so we really...
  4. Duke

    Describe your decisive experience that completely changed your view of audiophilia with a comment.

    Sound pressure level falls off by 6 dB 3 dB (oops, thanks @Blumlein 88!) per doubling of distance for a line source (which the panel approximates), and by 3 dB 6 dB per doubling of distance from a point source (which the woofer approximates). Thus the spectral balance of a hybrid electrostat...
  5. Duke

    Crazy PA Coaxials for Hifi

    This is the conclusion I have come to as well... I really like the elegant symmetry of a coaxial, but have never been able to get a coaxial to sound as good as using a separate high-quality horn. Not only is that edge an issue for the horn, there will be frequencies where the cone's reflection...
  6. Duke

    Capital Audiofest 2022 - November 11th-13th

    Thank you for your open-mindedness towards an unorthodox approach - in this case, mine! Here are a couple of YouTube clips from our room at the show. Not that a sighted YouTube clip is going to "prove" anything to anyone... But if you have headphones or earbuds, you might close your eyes and...
  7. Duke

    Would a speaker port extending out of a speaker rather than into it work?

    Yes this would work. Calculate the enclosure's internal volume and the port's length and diameter using whatever program you prefer, and do not add the volume taken up by the port to the required enclosure internal volume because it will be external.
  8. Duke

    Capital Audiofest 2022 - November 11th-13th

    An exhibitor may wish to demonstrate that his speakers do not need acoustic treatment to get good performance even in a hotel room.
  9. Duke

    Perceptual Effects of Room Reflections

    Agreed. Not always. That has not been my experience, and I have literally hundreds of customers who use a distributed multi-sub system. The placement of no one sub is critical, and setting the controls has very seldom been challenging.
  10. Duke

    Perceptual Effects of Room Reflections

    Ime EQ has limited capability to fill in local nulls in the bass region, whereas a distributed multisub system generally results in smaller and shallower dips which are more amenable to equalization.
  11. Duke

    Perceptual Effects of Room Reflections

    In case anyone is interested, here is Earl Geddes talking about the modal region, and in particular what's going on psychoacoustically in this region. Briefly, he takes the position that the steady-state response tells us pretty much everything we need to know in the modal region because the...
  12. Duke

    Perceptual Effects of Room Reflections

    Yes. No; rather, imo bass treatment is less effective than a distributed multi-sub system in the subwoofer region. But there is a limit to how high up in frequency you can use a distributed multi-sub system, and fortunately north of the subwoofer region bass treatment becomes increasingly...
  13. Duke

    Why you need a center channel and to buy your movies

    My observation has been that music videos can have enjoyable soundstage depth in phantom center mode, but with the center channel engaged the depth seems to be constrained, and little if any deeper than the center channel speaker's location. There are other factors which may tip preference in...
  14. Duke

    Perceptual Effects of Room Reflections

    Yes. And since the in-room frequency response predicts perception at low frequencies, he is also talking about "how it sounds". Speakers + room = a "minimum phase system" at low frequencies. So when you correct the frequency response, you have simultaneously corrected the time-domain...
  15. Duke

    Perceptual Effects of Room Reflections

    The alternative is, multiple subwoofers (intelligently distributed): "I've installed a lot of bass traps in people's rooms, I've filled every corner, the ceiling, you name it, and it didn't make anywhere near as big a difference as four subs did." - Matthew Poes, in the video clip.
  16. Duke

    Perceptual Effects of Room Reflections

    It starts at 37 minutes and 37 seconds into the video. Or 2257 seconds into the video.
  17. Duke

    Exploration of data provided by vendors

    I downloaded the application but I'm unable to run it. Earl actively participates at diyaudio, his profile is here.
  18. Duke

    Advice with Apartment Studio Design

    My instinct is the first option, as the large dimensions will give you long reflection path lengths, and the bed would probably make a good bass trap.
  19. Duke

    Now this is some language skills!

    I wonder if he speaks Audiophile? Seriously, that is incredible. I cannot help but notice how people light up with joy that someone unexpectedly understands them, and they can understand him. It seems that understanding and being understood erase barriers and create instant friendships. Too...
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