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  1. sweetsounds

    BACCH4MAC Short Review / first impressions

    So I finally broke the bank and purchased the Intro version of BACCH-DSP 4 MAC (V12.2). Introduction My experience is, that the interaction between room and speakers has by far the greatest impact on how I enjoy music listening. Most of my upgrades of the last 10 years went into room acoustics...
  2. sweetsounds

    Spurious Noises and Quality of HiRes

    I downloaded some Hi-Res recordings and in quite a number of cases there are issues in quality. (Maybe not audible, but then what's the point of HiRes anyway?) Eric Clapton: Tears in Heaven from The Lady on the Balcony (MusicScope analysis) - Noise floor at 90dB - A roll off below 30Hz - A...
  3. sweetsounds

    Desktop speakers: Genelec 8320A, Neumann KH-80, AudioEngine A5+

    This site clearly became the go-to place to pre-select equipment on their measurements. Thanks a lot! I was looking to upgrading my dated Logitech desktop speakers to listen more to music. My desk is against the wall, so a particular situation. Because of the limited space on a desk, I selected...
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