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  1. ZolaIII

    TMC-1 brake trogh an important milestone

    In the light of better understanding how human hearing works and in hope it will help in the future to those with impaired or bad hearing I just wished to share this which I find as important milestone. Best regards and have a nice time.
  2. ZolaIII

    Interesting DAP/book reader with E-Ink display

    Just to share the finding, as it's based on Android 11 and support apps it could also be interesting as a controller who needs such, the star of course is E-Ink display. Would be interesting to get it mesured all do even as a controller it...
  3. ZolaIII

    A best AV and HiFi criticist proposal by you

    For me that's a domestic cat. Because: it's present in many cases, it's not impressed by your HiFi system or 4K HDR for it it's simply not realistic enough, hears a DSD range and doesn't care about sub bass and most of all it doesn't (really) care about your different opinion. But let's hear...
  4. ZolaIII

    Realtek ALC causing USB DAC problems (reacent drivers)

    I encountered a problem related to last available Realtek ALC on bord audio driver for Windows 10 with USB DAC's. USB DAC's I have don't get initialised properly, or if they do on boot after entering exclusive mode with ASIO driver they cannot be initialised afterwards. It manifests as no...
  5. ZolaIII

    The History Of PC Audio (Creative 30 years of Sound Blaster story)

    While it whose a long ride it's nice to remember or read how things were and what took us to get hire. Disclaimer: I don't have anything to do with Creative Technology in any way.
  6. ZolaIII

    Wavelet Android EQ

    Now when it's in good enough shape I wanted to share it. App: Auto EQ adopts sound for earphones/headphones to Harman scale for some 2300 models so far and you can find presets and documentation for every one in git...
  7. ZolaIII

    TI DC/DC IC convertor disassembly

    I have stumbled upon disassembly of Texas Instruments DC/DC 5V IC which hopefully could be used to make dirty USB power supply sources a little bit cleaner. Unfortunately this particular one thanks to packaging is moisture sensitive. Anyhow I found it interesting reading and hopefully other...
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