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  1. vkvedam

    Not Selling: Topping PA5 Black - New

    Hi All I have got this as brand new replacement for my original unit (One channel failed). With my current setup it would be difficult for me integrate PA5 into my setup. I just opened the outer packaging (Bubble wrap etc). Everything is BNIB. I have got plenty of feedback on Head-Fi, AVForums...
  2. vkvedam

    SOLD: Chord Mojo+Poly (With 2 Cases)

    All I have decided to sell my Mojo-Poly combo as it's not getting much use nowadays. Poly is up to date with the firmware side of things. Mojo's battery has been replaced recently so you get the most out of both. They are in mint condition as I have never left them outside the case. I have brand...
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