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    SOLD: [EU/DE] Hifiman Sundara - Like new - 280€ shipped

    Hi there. Selling the pictured headphones. Last week I bought these Sundara and a pair of Ananda as "open box" to try out. Due to personal preferences (mostly fit) I decided to keep the Ananda and sell the Sundara. They're like new, came actually sealed from the factory. I used them probably...
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    Headphone Stack (Amp + DAC + Phono) Recommendation

    Hey there. Later this year I'll be looking to buy a whole new system for personal listening, including an amp, DAC, turntable and phono stage, headphones and, down the line, perhaps a streamer as well. As you can tell, I will have two sources coming into the amp, so I definitely need it to be...
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