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    DRC - Digital Room Correction - Time Alignment? Is this a bleeding edge technology solution looking for a problem (and profit for its evangelists)?

    Over the last week, I've rekindled an interest in DRC, purely as a further exploration, to see what the current state of play is. Making an effort to modify the frequency response, i.e amplitude of frequencies, to meet a target curve, with a threshold, I have no issues with this aspect of...
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    Headphone Listening with Acustica Audio's Sienna

    I thought it good to share, cos it has absolutely impressed me a whole lot. Acustica Audio is a pioneer in a special kind of convolution based emulation of analog audio processing devices, such as microphone preamps, equalisers, compressors and reverbs. Been around for about a decade IIRC. Not...
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    Best section of Audio Science Review, to discuss a "Professional Speaker&StudioRooms+Headphone" Correction solution?

    I am an audio enthusiast. Always on the quest for excellent listening solutions. I have tried audio room correction in the past, to improve the "quality" of my budget studio monitors - an Alesis M1 Mk2 pair. Then after years of giving up on the fallacy of cheap audio, and fully expecting that...
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