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    Balanced DACs with Isolated input.

    This shuld be a collection of DACs with Fully balanced (and symmetrical) outputs and some sort of isolated input. What are the cheap options? Is there a balanced Donge DAC that works with an cheap 12Mbit USB isolator? What Balanced DACs are known to work reliably (in 96k/24bit mode) with...
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    Why you can't trust audio measurements by GoldenSound

    Good video from GoldenSound explaining how measurements can be altered intentionally and unintentionally and how comparable they are.
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    Limiter / Protection for HiFI?

    In the PA and and professional speaker world it is common to have various sorts of limiter to protect the speakers (and listeners) Different speakers (frequency ranges) have different power rating Usually Lowe frequency has the highest power handling. So it would make sense to have Per...
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    Behringer UMC204 Headphone Gain mod

    For so reason the this interface is designed in a way has way more Analog gain than it can Handel Since everything is powered from 5V with a 2,5V virtual ground it can relay only output about 1Vrms 1Vrms corresponds the volume potentiometer at 12 o'clock. everything over this will result in...
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    Worlds Worst USB Interface?!

    How bad can it be? is it "transparent" whats SINAD, THD, Noise and output voltage? Make a guess and i will later post some Measurements.
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    TPA3118 Class D 5€ AMP

    "TPA3118 PBTL Mono Digital Amplifier Board 1X60W 8-24V" Test with 5Ohms Load and about 5Vrms output ~5W power: Powered from 19V measured with Behringer UMC204HD without smoothing: SINAD of > 64dB and a noise floor of under 100dB @5W in 5Ohm with 19V Not bad for 4-6€ Board
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    Measurements "100W" TPA3116D2 Mono class D board >64dB SINAD @5W <10€

    This little Board costs ~10€ including shipping at aliexpess or ebay. I made a ~5Ohm Load resistor and voltage divider an run a quick Test with may UMC204HD ~4dB drop of at 20k SINAD >64dB @1k @5W with 5Ohms load Noises is very likely limited by the "analyzer" And max Gain is 32.8dB...
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    RCA cable Magnetic interference measurement and comparison

    Cables are cables and there is no difference?! I designed a test to see if they perform significantly different in therms of "magnetic shielding" or Leakage inductance. This test dose not test for ground loop currents but interference from close by magnetic in homogeneous magnetic files. The...
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    Video collaboration opportunity with "Tech Ingredients"?

    I enjoy the Youtube channel as well as ASR and i'm sure lot of Tech Ingredients viewes would also like ASR Tech Ingredient also do some DIY audio projects: But i think they could need some help and advice from @amirm Maybe do offer them a...
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    Behringer Eurorack MX802A some measurements.

    Don’t we all love to hate Behringer?! But how is it actually measuring? 1.Microphone in XLR Balanced in main out. Gain @min. (10dB labeld 10,5 messured) Channel 0dB Main 0dB VU meter showing 0dB at Input level 433mVRMS (-7.3dBV) (-12dbFS) output level is 1.43VRMS (+3.1dBV) -14,3dBFS gain...
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    DIY Measurements with minimal hardware and open source software

    At this point its just some fooling around! I'm interested to see if i can uses a cheap old usb audio interface ADC and some basic tools to measure the performance of DAC with (better performance). 1.Noise Test signal is a 1k sine wave with -60dBFS peak amplitude: We see peaks that appear...
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    To cheap to possibly be good? ali and ebay audo modules. (class-d)

    I'm sure many of you have seen this sort of products: Small and super cheap amplifier modules. There are countless variant's and i have lost track. are there some known to avoid and some knowen good ones? Most of them use singe IC all integrated designs and don't differ a lot from the...
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    What sample rate are you using?

    Most of the newer DACs internally use sample rates over 44,1khz and up/over sample material to there native sample rate. Do you send the native source samplerate (for example 44.1k) to your DAC and relay on its internal up/over sample algorithms and filters Or do you up/over sample in software...
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    A better way to graph Noise? FFT Gain ,(dB)V/√Hz, 1/3 Octave Band Noise

    I noticed a lot of people comparing the noise floor in FFT graphs without considering FFT size/gain and scalloping loss. There must be a better way do it?! Manufacture datasheets seem to uses Voltage Noise Density: To me it looks like this is the better way of specifying Noise because the its...
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