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    Re-using sub and car amp for PC sound

    This all makes me chuckle. Many years ago a friend installed a high powered amp in his car and was complaining that it wasn't even as loud as the standard head units 6x6 watts. I investigated and he'd run 18awg cable all the way to the trunk to run it. I got him to upgrade to something like 2 or...
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    Swapping my tweeters - would this work?

    If the impedance, sensitivity, directivity and frequency response matches closely, then you could try the substitution. However, this would be rare.
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    Should I upgrade my Dual CS 5000 turntable with a MC cartridge or get a Rega P6 with same cartridge?

    I actually purchased a U-Turn Pluto 2 and removed the 100pF capacitors loading the input because of reading about the hump that occurs with the 540 at loading above about 200pF. The difference is very slight.
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    Should I upgrade my Dual CS 5000 turntable with a MC cartridge or get a Rega P6 with same cartridge?

    I have it in a low mass arm, the older Pro-Ject carbon fiber arm, and it tracks perfectly and sounds great, even though it is not ideal. It certainly works better than any MC cartridge would. I believe my arm effective mass is probably lighter than the Dual one. If course the Rega would be...
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    Should I upgrade my Dual CS 5000 turntable with a MC cartridge or get a Rega P6 with same cartridge?

    Get an Audio Technica AT540ML cartridge, get it properly setup, and keep the Dual. You'll get more detail for sure and no IGD.
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    The difference between recordings exceeds that of the difference between hifi systems

    Yes, I have the remaster and it sounds like they did some very odd EQ on the vocals. It's all ghostly and whispery sounding. It is fairly smooth though. The next one was very harsh sounding, but better EQ choices were used for vocals. Some of the later releases were pretty good, but they were...
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    Advice sought - Small room, loving JBL LSR305 - What's the next step up?

    A little bit of a high frequency droop EQ'd in could make them suit you even better. From 6-8 feet listening distance they're not too bright. Closer up and they get brighter. They're not designed for extreme near field use, hence the suggestion about some EQ (or even just turning the treble knob...
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    Advice sought - Small room, loving JBL LSR305 - What's the next step up?

    The Studio 530's are absolutely not dull. They sound alive.
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    Low power DIY amp kit

    The LM3886 is a good chip to learn with. It's fairly forgiving, but you need a large enough heatsink and don't skimp on the heatsink compound. I fried a number of them in the past because of poor thermal coupling to the heatsink (I used 4 of them in pairs (bridged mode) to make high power amps...
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    YOUR experience with Wharfedale Diamonds 225?

    The sensitivity and/or frequency response of the tweeters doesn't match well. It's fairly typical for entry level speakers but multiple pairs of Wharfedales I've tried has had this issue and it's been measurable. I'll also say that the chances are that the speakers were in spec, but if one...
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    YOUR experience with Wharfedale Diamonds 225?

    Not very extended treble which tends to cast a "plasticky" sheen over cymbals, but still pleasant sounding speakers that need close wall placement. They have a tendency to have significant imbalance between left and right, which is probably fine if you have a balance control. I tried the 220's...
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    Advice sought - Small room, loving JBL LSR305 - What's the next step up?

    Seeing you already like the JBL sound, the Studio 530 is a good choice. I have them as well as a few pairs of LSR305's and the Studio 530 has better, tighter, more musical bass and, to my ears, is much more refined sounding in the treble. The Elac amp with basic room correction or a Yamaha 803...
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    Am i doing this wrong? Kef Reference 5 Bi-Amping

    Either way will work exactly the same and is unlikely to change the sound quality in any way.
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    Massive bass reverberation

    In this situation I've sometimes been able to solve it by using SBIR to my advantage and placing my speakers the appropriate distance from the front wall to achieve SBIR cancellation of the major bass mode in my room. It's also important to have the distance to the side walls different from the...
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    How to fine tune my kef r3?

    It is NOT a power issue. Are the link knobs twisted correctly on the speakers?
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    DarkVoice 336SE Circuit Overhaul

    Glen is a well known musician in Durban. He may be elusive via Facebook, so try phoning if you can find a number.
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    DarkVoice 336SE Circuit Overhaul

    Your issue needs to be repaired before you think about mods. The schematic shows me that the input is not capacitively coupled and there's a bias path through the pot even if the 1M resistor goes bad. The other place to look is to verify the loading resistors are good on the output side, but...
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    DarkVoice 336SE Circuit Overhaul

    Is the Darkvoice amp grounded? Sounds like it isn't. These fading issues are usually due to a missing bias path in a small signal capacitively coupled preamp stage. The ground could be that path.
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    I've become obsessed that my right speaker is louder than my left speaker.

    You've got to try swapping the speakers. I've rarely encountered perfectly matched pairs of speakers. If this doesn't change anything, change the toe in individually to see if you can get a better match in the high frequencies. Then finally use a balance control so it's centered for you...
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    What is the worst speaker you've ever heard?

    1. Zu Druids 2. Too many PA speakers with blown horns, although they sounded a lot like the druids... 3. Advent - I think it was the minis - terrifically bright and harsh
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