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    Will a different center speaker help?

    Hi everyone, right now I run a 3.1 system (KEF R3+KEF R2C+REL HT 1508) on Denon X3500H and a 4K player (Panasonic UB820) in a small room with basic acoustic treatment. The last thing I've added to my system was the KEF R2C. I've done the audyssey calibration and tried to watch some movies from...
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    How to improve 2-CH sound in Home theater?

    Hello everyone, I have a decent home theater setup (Denon x3500h + KEF R3 fronts + REL HT/1508). Right now I am streaming music via Spotify—>HEOS and I’m not sure if I’m getting the full potential of my front speakers when listening to music. What do you think? Should I consider add some more...
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    The next upgrade

    Hello I wanted to ask what would you add to improve sound quality for music listening from Tidal? Right now I have AVR Denon X3500, Kef R3 and REL HT1508. I would like to keep everything because i watch lots of movies and for this purpose it is perfect. I also like to run the speakers with...
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