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    Dirac live to Dirac live room correction suite

    For those who have bought a licence for Dirac Live 3 with Bass Control to use with their Arcam AV/AVR xx or JBL SDR/SDP xx , is there a way to upgrade to the multichannel Dirac live room correction suite by only paying for the Dirac processor plugin? The upgrade seems to be free with NAD...
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    Floorstanding speakers as surround speakers and placement

    Hi all, I have recently upgraded my front left/right floorstanding speakers. As a result, I have a spare pair of floorstanding speakers that I may use as surround speakers (otherwise I will sell them). Usually I place my surround speakers behind my couch following (as much as possible) the...
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    Seamlessly streaming Qobuz with JRiver MC in Windows 10 - Still some issues

    Although JRiver MC doesn't offer a proper integration of Qobuz (like Roon or Audirvana), it is in theory possible to stream Qobuz from JRiver via the WDM driver. But this is usually not wihtout any issues: stuttering, pops, delays, etc... Troubleshooting for common issues could be found here...
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    AV Pre-Pro and bi-amping

    Hi all, I couldn't find any AV pre-pro with 2 sets of L/R XLR outputs for bi-amping (by just browsing the web). Looking at some user manuals (Arcam AV40, Monoprice HTP1, Anthem AVM60), it seems that XLR channels cannot be reassigned. Does that mean that using a XLR splitter is the only...
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