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    Amp upgrade for Fostex T60rp

    Hi folks, need some help with upgrading my current amplifier to something more advanced. Currently I have Monolith Liquid Spark connected to the dac section of Fiio K3 (second release). My HP are Fostex T60rp and LS drives them pretty well even on default gain. But I think (or it seems to me)...
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    What to switch first: DAC vs Amp?

    Hi All, Hope somebody can help me with the dilemma I have last a couple of weeks. First of all let me list my gear: FiiO K3(new) only as DAC Monolith Liquid Spark Fostex T60Rp, Philips Fidelio L2, FiiO FH1s I'm pretty happy with setup, but thinking about switching my Fiio K3 with something...
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