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    Odd bass localization in room.

    I'm testing bass localization in my room with these test files from Audiocheck: A bass sweep from 200 Hz down to 30 Hz is played in each speaker alone while a voice reads off the frequency in both channels (i.e. voice is centered)...
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    Allo Piano 2.1 DAC and DSP

    Has anyone successfully used this as a crossover for speakers and subwoofer? Allo answers any direct questions on forums about the supported filters by a saying "We don't do filters." On their website, they link to a TI development tool obviously meant for OEMs. So I'm a bit flummoxed by this...
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    Spatial averaging of measurements for room EQ

    Up to now I've been using single point measurements at the listening position for my room EQ experiments, but now I'd like to try averaging of measurments taken from several points at the listening position. I found this document (PDF) He...
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    Measurement microphone calibration

    I have an old measurement microphone, an Audix TR-40 (no longer made), which I would have bought about 2002. It would not have been cheap back then (about $400 IIRC). It hasn't been used much and was always stored in the original instrument...
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    NHT Xd system and other digital active speaker systems

    I got these new on closeout for $3k circa 2008 (original price was $6k). I hauled them out of the side room yesterday and hooked everything up. This is still a great sounding speaker system! It also measures extremely well (including impulse response), apart from a dip at the subwoofer...
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