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    Headphone equalization settings: preamp gain

    hi, In most of headphone equalization adjustments (Oratory, Amir, etc.), the preamp gain settings are mostly set to minus something. I can well understand why, some frequencies are going to but raised in the EQ and we do not want them to distort the signal. but when I do an A/B comparison (no...
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    Replacement pads for AKG k371

    hi, I am looking for some replacement pads of the AKG K371. I cannot find any official pads from AKG (I happy with the stock ones), I can only find some compatible ones on ebay, but I am not so confident about their quality. Brainwavz pads would be a good option, but buying only one pair costs...
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    Help me decide: Akg k702 vs Sennheiser 560s

    dear Forum, I want to buy an open headphone for sound design and mixing. My budget is max 150€ (in Europe). I narrowed down the choice between the AKG k702 and the Sennheiser 560s and I am auditioning both at home. I am testing them with and without EQ (Oratory AutoEQ and Sonarworks). I can...
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    Akg k371 vs 371bt

    hi all, after reading different reviews on the internet, it seems like Akg k371 and k371bt should deliver similar results. Today I checked the list of supported headphones of Sonarworks: The k371bt is marked for...
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