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    The best analog reel to reel studio tape recordings ~ 13 bit equivalent?

    Not sure if the time stamp will copy over to the forum's software. It's at 11:18 if it does not.
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    Websites to save bookmarks?

    I'm curious what members are using. I have been using Google Bookmarks for a long time, but like many Google products when Google get bored of something it sort of just "exists" and bugs are left to be, like autocompleting tags was broken for several years. I feel comfortable using it since they...
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    Dry eyes and sitting in front of monitors all day

    I'm curious if others experience dry eyes, I imagine many of us spend a lot of the day in front of a computer. I use hard contact lenses (due to mild keratoconus) which exacerbates the problem. I have been meaning to look into studies (please mention them if you've already browsed these) but...
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    Any alternatives to Sound Anchor stands?

    Looking for something that has 4 posts in the corners (this is just my preference appearance wise, I feel like it makes the bookshelf speaker look more seamless almost like a tower speaker), are fairly heavy/inert and entirely (or mostly) black. And I do prefer the look of square/rectangular...
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    WTB: Dutch & Dutch 8c

    I've never made a blind purchase on anything this expensive before but after all I've read I figured what the heck why not. I don't check all the usual hifi secondhand sales places like USAM or Audiogon, if anyone does and sees one of these come up would you mind sending me a message? It would...
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    On wall speakers

    Is this the way to go for a computer desk setup when you can't give the speakers much room from the front wall? Something like this was mentioned on another forum:
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    Michael Jackson Thriller, Japan first pressing CD sample

    I had this rip cranked up last night so I thought some others would like to hear a sample of the title track. This is really great, natural sounding early digital. This sounds better than any LP I've heard as the mastering engineer cut the vocals a bit on the hot side on the vinyl which can...
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    Software EQ suggestions for mastering

    Looking for suggestions for software parametric EQ that people have found to be incredibly transparent. Sometimes the best sounding mastering with the lowest generation source is mastered by older mastering engineers that boost the treble (sadly all too common with some jazz) and I want a way to...
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    Reading digital liner notes

    I generally scan the booklet or if they're from smaller classical labels they often provide a PDF download. With classical music these often have some great information on the compositions or the performer's insights into the music. If they are difficult to scan or risk damaging the book from...
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    Detecting noise reduction on a spectrograph

    Noise reduction like CEDAR is one of the banes of digital audio. It "sucks out" the sound of the silence between notes creating this dead, sterile sound. Very hard to describe it better than that, maybe someone else can try. I have always relied on listening to music to hear it, but I'm...
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    Converting DSD to PCM that doesn't adhere to scarlet book?

    There are some SACDs that don't adhere to scarlet book's specifications, if I had to make an educated guess based off what others that were familiar with the format wrote, this should be more common with discs that came out earlier on when SACD was being introduced. Michael Jackson's Thriller...
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    Magnetic tape distortion that resembles vinyl surface noise?

    I have heard this sort of very low level crackling that resembles surface noise rarely on magnetic tape recordings. Anyone know why/what this is? It's in the left channel, beneath the piano sound and breathing. Click to download this sample. One digital cookie (flour, sugar, gluten free) for...
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    Science of healthy eating

    There is a lot of "hippie science" out there on healthy eating/dieting, I figured I would start this thread for proper scientific research/trials into this :) Here is a really good meta-analysis Effects of Vegetarian Diets on Blood Lipids: A Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis of Randomized...
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    CueTools to repair files

    I've always been an EAC or dbpoweramp user, I recently gave CueTools a shot since I had a factory manufactured disc with a defect that caused it to create a rip different from what is in the AR and CTDB databases as well as creating an audible glitch that sounds like a split second low volume...
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    Can anyone explain why use a NUC?

    This is one of those things I have wondered about. It is fairly trivial to build a PC that has extremely low fan noise, as in you will only hear the fans with your ears right up against the back or front intake/exhaust. We've come a long way from the early 2000s with PC fans, no one really...
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    Monitors for right up against the wall

    I was doing some digging for Behringer 2301A that @Bjorn mentioned in the JBL LSR thread. I need active monitors that can be used right up against the walls. These have the ports on the front which is why I was thinking about them. I do like that they fared well in a blind test against the...
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    Constant directivity speakers (DSP) for DIYers

    Looking to compile a list of what constant directivity speakers are available for DIYers that can use DSP (ie MiniDSP, Acourate, etc) Geddes? Unsure, someone more in the loop will have to tell me what the situation is with his kits. Bill Waslo, link for one project, there is another which is...
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    My favorite Beethoven piano sonata cycles

    Beethoven's solo keyboard music is some of my absolute favorite not just for keyboard but all of classical. I figured I would write a bit about my favorite cycles and include ones that are incomplete since they are worth hearing. (i) for incomplete, and to make the list they had to have at least...
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    Great music tagging apps

    Please recommend any music tagging apps you like. I'll post mine: dbpoweramp- not technically a tagging app, but so far this is the only one I have found that has a wide access to the tagging databases- Discogs, GD3, Freedb and Music Brainz. Since it can access all four it's often just easier...
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    High fidelity subwoofers

    These tower subwoofers seem to be popular in the high end, one such example posted below is a sealed tower using 4 10" Scan Speak drivers. Would there be standing wave cancellation between the drivers? If not what other downsides are there besides being large and expensive? (those compromises...
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