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    AIYIMA A08 Pro Amplifier Review

    Just want to say that for me this looks really cool.
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    WiiM Mini Review (Streamer)

    I had these problems with chromecast a couple of yeats back and circumvented them by adding a wifi booster.
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    WiiM Mini Review (Streamer) Kind of ironic that Stereophile gives this budget component a better review than Amir, well done @John Atkinson :)
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    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    I think most members know not to waste money on this kind of thing so isnt it a waste of Amir's time not to mention 350 dollars?
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    What’s your favourite Audio YouTuber?

    Interviews are importent, Darko has some good ones in his podcast such as Bruno Putzey from purify.
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    Do DSP-free, passive monitors hold any advantage over active monitors?

    What a remarkable assertion that "in 5-10 years most active monitors are going to be paperweights". Do you have any objective source for this assertion?
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    how much Dynamic Range audible in your environment? I was shocked...

    48 on second system with adam monitors. cheap dac and some hearing loss + birds chirping away outside, its a great site BTW
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    At what point do we call this out?

    Agree with most of what op says as regards measurements but as noted there are many other factors that effect price: usability, extra functions (such as # inputs, display etc.), reliability, ease of repair, warrenty, appearance, size, weight, robustness, temperature, resale potential, remote...
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    WiiM Mini Streamer

    This is known behavior but the stream is still cd even though it does not say hifi on your phone.
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    WiiM Mini Streamer

    You don't explain how you know it is not CD quality but it may be you are not set up right (or it may be it is CD quality you don't provide any details). If you do the following you should get CD quality using Deezer and CCA: 1) Set audio options in android app to "High fidelity" under the...
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    WiiM Mini Streamer

    Deezer casts 44/16 to Chromecast Audio as far as i know, why do you think it does not?
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    Fluid Audio Image 2 Review (Monitor Speaker)

    Puzzled why fluid needs to outsource the measurements, one would have expected precision measurements and tests to be part if their development cycle.
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    Warning About Topping Products and the Seller HiFiGo

    I love this site and the scientific reviews but for sure there are reliability, support and usability issues that are not covered, thats left to us to consider and explore. Sometimes cheap purchases can work out as expensive investments :)
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    Warning About Topping Products and the Seller HiFiGo

    The poster is in Canada, if he bought from audiophonics he would also have to pay a ton for shipping. If you buy international you pay less than local but when things go wrong it costs. Everyone has to make there choices and live with them.
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    NAD Wireless USB DAC 2 Review

    Calling this an "off the shelf" solution is a bit like saying buying flour sugar and cream cheese at the super is a quick and cheap way to buy a cheese cake.
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    WiiM Mini Review (Streamer)

    Be careful not to listen too much at those levels it will damage your hearing in the long run.....
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    NAD Wireless USB DAC 2 Review

    If i have understood this right it opens all sorts of streaming and dsp possibilities? Can i for example install deezer or Amazon app to my pc and equalizer APO and then stream an equalized signal?
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    Time to choose speakers after some narrowing down...

    Enjoy them Roy! How much did they cost and did you get a chance to compare them at shop to other options?
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