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    IOTAVX SA3 control via RS-232 interface

    Does anyone know the protocol for issuing commands to the IOTAVX SA3 amp using the RS-232 inetrface? I managed to connect a cable to it, set the baud to 115200 bps and can see data coming out of it when I take it out of standby, change volume, etc. What I like to do now is to issue a command...
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    Subwoofer crossover using Roon, Ropieee and two DACs

    I have a couple of bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer (SB-1000 Pro) and wanted to experiment with a digital crossover for the sub using Roon. To this end added an extra USB DAC I had around to the ropieee endpoint which drives the system which Roon saw as additional endpoint. Then I added a...
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